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Tishwash:  Parliamentary Services: The government has completed 65% of its program, and the next stage will include new projects

 The Parliamentary Services Committee confirmed today, Saturday, that the current government has completed 65% of its service program, pointing out that the next stage will include the entry into force of new projects. 

Baqir Al-Saadi, a member of the Parliamentary Services Committee, told Al-Furat News Agency, “The current government has completed 65% of its service program, as service and housing projects have been started, the completion rate of which has reached approximately 20%.” 

He added, “The next stage will include the entry into force of new projects from the 2004 and 2025 plans, and reconstruction will begin as soon as possible, in addition to allocating financial sums in the budget, which amounted to 2 trillion dinars, in addition to the amounts allocated from the Food Security Law, which reached the share of projects in the southern governorates.” 27 trillion dinars. 

He stressed, “The current budget is large and specializes in the service aspect.” link

CandyKisses:  Abadi’s coalition compares the decision to end UNAMI’s mission with the exit of the Americans: negotiations will last for two years – urgent

Baghdad Today – Baghdad 

Aqeel al-Rudaini, a leader of the Victory Coalition led by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said on Saturday (June 8, 2024) that the Iraqi government is serious about removing US forces from Iraq, while noting that negotiations in this regard will extend for two full years.

Al-Rudaini said in an interview with “Baghdad Today”, that “the negotiations of Baghdad and Washington on the removal of US forces from Iraq are continuing according to the data and assurances of the Prime Minister’s Office, and we do not believe that they will end within a year if we know that the closure of the headquarters of the United Nations mission will take two years, let alone with large forces on the ground and have communication with joint operations.”

He added that “the removal of US forces will take two years or more, but in any case the government is serious in this regard and is continuing its negotiations by a higher committee for coordination, pointing out that what strengthens Baghdad’s position in the negotiations is the ability of its forces to hold the reins of the border and internal security file and succeed in confronting terrorism and dismantling its cells.”

Al-Rudaini pointed out that “the removal of US forces cannot be overnight, and negotiations will determine the time limit, but it is certain that Baghdad’s decision in this direction is past and it is serious at the same time.”

Prime Minister Mohamed Shia al-Sudani stressed on Tuesday (June 4, 2024) that the UN Security Council’s decision to end the work of the UNAMI mission in Iraq does not mean a break with the United Nations.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Information Office said that the recent Security Council decision to end the work of the UNAMI mission in Iraq came at the request of Iraq, indicating that it represents international recognition of the progress made in the Iraqi arena.

He added that the termination of UNAMI’s work does not mean a break with the United Nations and specialized international agencies, noting that international organizations have reached a positive performance evaluation for Iraq that supports stability.

The UN Security Council unanimously decided, on Friday (May 31, 2024), to terminate the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) at the request of Baghdad, and to have the date of withdrawal by the end of 2025, after its presence in Baghdad for more than 20 years


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Frank26  The third phase of the monetary reform is being introduced…There are 7 parts to Phase 3… Article:  “They published the text of the third strategic plan of the Central Bank of Iraq on their financial reform”  Quote:  “...include the ability to issue medium and long-term securities… increase gold reserves and offer new issuance of high quality currency.”  It doesn’t get any better than that…

Militia Man   Article: “News publishes the text of the third strategic plan of the Central Bank of Iraq”  Here’s the powerful stuff.  Quote: “…ability to issue medium or long-term securities, the transition from the platform to the banks…the increase of gold reserves, the introduction of new issuance of the high quality currency, the automation of monetary process…”  This speech that Alaq has done will be one to remember…He will be likely showing us something very soon…For Allaq to be talking about the issuance of a new high quality currency is awesome!  It’s huge.  Especially when he uses the word ‘issuance’.  It means it’s coming or it’s about to be released…It’s phenomenal.  It’s looking very good.  It sounds like they’re about to issue new money.  

Debt Crisis Reaches ‘Place Of No Return’, Fed Has Only One Option | Peter Grosskopf

David Lin:  6-8-2024

Peter Grosskopf, Chairman of Argo Digital Gold and former CEO of Sprott Inc., discusses the critical situation of America’s debt crisis, and why the Fed “needs” inflation.

0:00 – Intro

0:55 – Rate cuts

2:26 – Scariest chart in America

4:53 – Gold demand net inflows

 7:20 – India repatriating gold

9:35 – Gold price direction

13:04 – Fractional gold

15:30 – Argo Digital Gold

 20:00 – Tokenizing assets

22:36 – Argo Gold vs ETF

25:11 – Argo Gold’s next steps