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Tishwash:  Iraq participates in the 27th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, today, Sunday, participation in the 27th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The ministry said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “A delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq to the Russian Federation, and a delegation from the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government participated in the 27th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which was held in the Russian city of St. Petersburg for a period of 5 years.” -2024/6/8”.

She added, “More than 17,000 participants from more than 136 countries attended the forum, including heads of state and government, ministers, government officials, ambassadors, and politicians from 45 countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin also participated in the forum’s plenary session.”

She continued, “During the meetings, the economic challenges facing the world were discussed and how to find sustainable solutions in light of the current global transformations, and cooperation in the field of international transport was discussed, in addition to discussing cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence and digital technology and finding joint approaches to developing education in line with technological development in the world.” the world”.  link

Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man   Anybody going with Sudani is going against the mafias and going against those that are going to have their dollar auctions dry up.  They’re going to have lots of different little things happen to them that are going to be painful.  Anybody that’s holding the dollar when they change the exchange rate…those exchange companies, 197 banks that got tagged by the central bank…they’re going to have a painful experience because if you’re not large on the dinar and you own dollars and Alaq drops the three zeros, those guys are going to have a painful situation… They’ve been warned.  They’ve been open about stopping the dollar auctions in Iraq for this year…

Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]   FIREFLY:  Alaq said Iraq returning to the glory days and it will surpass those days.  FRANK:  This caught me off guard.  They’re talking to them a lot.  We told you they would…They’re releasing the videos, we told you they would.  Alaq is telling the people, look I got a mechanism, you know what it is, it’s a new exchange rate… ‘Iraq is returning to the glory day…and will surpass those glory days.’  I told you, you would never see 1 to 1.  There’s a reason they kept it at 1310 and they’re going to return back to the glory days which was $3.22 because this is an RI, reinstatement…IMO this is happening.



Clare:  Details of a meeting in Baghdad to resume the export of Kurdistan oil

6/9/2024  Baghdad –

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Office, Omid Sabah, revealed today, Sunday, the details of a meeting held between a delegation from the regional government and the Ministry of Oil, in the capital, Baghdad, which is the first meeting of its kind to reach a comprehensive agreement regarding resuming the export of the region’s oil through the “Corporate Oil Company.” Sumo, National.
Sabah said, in a statement received by Mawazine News Agency, that “the delegation discussed with Oil Minister Hayan Abdul Ghani and senior officials in the ministry the outstanding issues between the governments of Erbil and Baghdad and issues of common interest.

He added that the meeting focused on the dues of oil companies operating in the region and the process of Resuming the export of Kurdistan oil, production costs, and mechanisms for addressing these issues, reaching a comprehensive and balanced agreement within the framework of the constitution, and re-pumping through the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO” as soon as possible. LINK


Greg  Mannarino:  6-9-2024

Over 85,000 Bank Accounts Have Just Been Locked, This Is HUGE Red Flag

Atlantis Report:  6-9-2024

Over 85,000 Bank Accounts Have Just Been Locked, This Is HUGE Red Flag

In this fast-paced world of social media and 24/7 news cycles, it’s not unusual to encounter headlines that grab your attention.

 The news of a large-scale lockdown of bank accounts is not only concerning but also raises serious questions about the stability and reliability of our financial institutions.

Now we’re unraveling the Saga of 85,000 Frozen Bank Accounts Imagine a situation in which more than 85,000 bank accounts have been abruptly terminated, leaving their owners in a dangerous position.

This situation is more than merely cautionary; it represents a substantial concern.