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Entire Financial System Can Go Down Soon – Chris Martenson

By Greg Hunter’s 

Dr. Chris Martenson holds a PhD in pathology from Duke University, is a futurist and an economic researcher.  Dr. Martenson was one of the very few scientists who called…[rest of paragraph redacted]

In a new market meltdown, Dr. Martenson sees chaos and gives a hypothetical example: “China attacks Taiwan, and there is a 10 sigma move in the bond market.  Oh no, all these derivatives have blown up.  These people are supposed to be winners, and these people are supposed to be all losers.  No, no, they don’t have any money for that stuff.  It’s too complicated.  I don’t think anybody understands how this works anymore. 

 I could not find anybody who could tell me the whole thing.  I could find people who knew bits and pieces, but they knew their slice. . . . I am trying to stitch this thing all together. 

I get uncomfortable when I can’t answer the most basic questions, and that is how much risk is there in the system and where is it?”

In short, Dr. Martenson is worried about the whole financial system going down.  Dr. Martenson says, “Yes, I am worried about the whole system going down, and that leads to all sorts of speculation. . . .

 Imagine this, we wake up one day, and the markets are not open on Monday.  Oh no, glitch.  Problem.  Then, it’s two days and not open, three days not open.  People are getting worried.  Friday, and the markets are still not open.  Monday comes, and they say it’s a super big problem, and we don’t know how to resolve it. . . . They offer you 100% value today in a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) account or you can wait it out and hope it gets resolved, and it might take a decade.”

Dr. Martenson likes gold, silver, land and basically all (clear title) physical assets to protect you from “The Great Taking.”  Martenson has an upcoming seminar with “The Great Taking” author David Webb (and others) to help you to counter the theft that will surely come in the next financial meltdown.

In closing, Dr. Martenson says, “This has been a series of large amplitude blunders that keep getting bigger and bigger.  The Great Taking” is the framework built, that just in case all this colossal blundering blows up, Congress and Wall Street flips a coin and you get heads we win and tails you lose.  This is the oldest story in the book.”

There is much more in the 38-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the founder of, Dr. Chris Martenson for 5.28.24.








Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man  Article quote: “If we assume the Central Bank issues a new currency this will not affect the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar.”  This guy is not wrong…It won’t in my view.  The exchange rate will affect the new small denominations though…If they change the value of the exchange rate by dropping the three zeros, therefor the new denominations will be affected by it, which will be value.  It’s pretty simple.

Mnt Goat  …we read three articles about the CBI official rate equaling the Parallel or Black market rate in the coming days. WOW!…Saleh, the prime minister’s financial advisor, then goes on to say this will make one dinar equal to one dollar in Iraq. WOW! …I was told by my CBI contact months ago to watch for right before the CBI makes one more “official” rate change closer to 1000 from 1320. If you take 1000…and delete the three zeros 1000 what do you have? Of course, you have a situation of 1 dinar equals 1 dollar…But I believe that when they CBI does make this next official rate change it will move closer to 1166 and not 1000 which would make 1 dinar = 1.16 dollars just over a dollar to help the banks retrieve these dollars hoarded outside of the banks…   Let’s sit tight and watch this play out.

Jim Rickards Warns Real Danger is Not U.S. Treasuries Collapsing but Something Far Worse

Daniela Cambone:  5-30-2024

Russia could retaliate by freezing the entire Western clearance system, warns Jim Richards, New York Times bestselling author.

 In an exclusive interview with Daniela Cambone, Richards explains that if Western countries seize Russian assets, Russia could sue Euroclear, the largest clearing, settlement, and custody organization in Europe, to recover damages.

“You could throw a monkey wrench into the entire global clearance and settlement system by disrupting Euroclear, which is probably second only to DTCC in terms of settlement and clearance.”

Additionally, Richards states that we may need to return to the gold standard to restore confidence in the U.S. dollar.

“But if you have to go back to a gold standard, $27,000 would have to be the price in order to avoid massive deflation.”