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Iran Expresses Interest in a Unified Currency with BRICS

January 3 – Sputnik

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Mahdi Safari, expressed interest on January 3 in creating a unified currency with BRICS nations, aiming to establish Tehran as a key banking center for the group.

Safari also praised the New Development Bank, established by BRICS in 2014, for its role in supporting joint projects and international cooperation among member states.

“We are interested in creating a unified currency in the BRICS group, and this could be very effective.

By using national currencies, the process of eliminating the use of the dollar in commercial exchanges begins, and we are interested in continuing this process,” Safari stated in an interview with Sputnik.

Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Sandy Ingram  The Iraqi dinar is not on the Forex market, yet.  The Iraqi dinar is an exotic currency, as is the Vietnam dong… Currencies are traded in pairs on the Forex Market.  The 3 main types… majors, minors and exotics…The more liquid an asset the easier and more efficient it is to turn it back into cash.  Major currency pairs have the highest trading volume… Exotic currencies…are not traded that often.  There is little technical analysis or data available to support trading decisions for exotic currencies…

Frank26  Question:  “The war is likely escalating in the Middle East.  When Iran gets involved will this negatively affect the rate? the float?”  IMO the war is affecting more the relationships between counties in the Middle East…As far as it affecting the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar that’s in a sealed envelope…figuratively speaking.  It has nothing to do with the war.  Once that envelope is opened, it would definitely/probably have some cause and effect on the float, in the basket.  Because what countries are in those basketsYeah, the ones that might be affected but I don’t think it’d be affected in a negative way.  War has a tendency to (snap) speed things up.



Clare:  The Foreign Ministry condemns the bombing of the PMF headquarters in Baghdad: Iraq reserves the right to take a firm stance


 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its “strong condemnation of the blatant attack” that targeted an Iraqi security headquarters today, Thursday.

A statement issued by the ministry stated that “the attack on a security formation linked to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and subject to the authority of the state is a dangerous escalation.”

The statement stressed that “Iraq reserves the right to take a firm stance and take all measures that deter anyone who tries to harm its land and security forces.”  LINK

Sir_Shawn:    So this incidence by the US Army, IMO kills two birds with one bombing. You remove one of the bad guys while the US gets blamed for interfering with Iraqi sovereignty thous leading to the removal of the remaining military coalition forces from Iraq due to the violations of Iraqi sovereignty. Now Iraq has come full circle and has regained their Control of their oil revenues, monetary system and soon the departure of all non-Iraqi military from Iraq. Iraq has no reason to delay the reinstatement of their currency to the Glory Days. IMO… time will tell…


Greg Mannarino:  1-4-2024

Jim Willie: The Corporate and Treasury Bond Bubbles Are Bursting

Arcadia Economics:  1-4-2024

Over the past 2 years the financial markets have watched the Federal Reserve raise interest rates over 5%, while at the same time the Treasury is pumping out debt faster than ever.

We’ve all known for a long time that it can’t go on forever, and in today’s show, Jim Willie of The Hat Trick Letter talks about how the corporate, sovereign, and treasury bond bubbles are in the process of bursting now.

He explains how we got to this point, what’s happening now, and what he’s expecting in 2024. And to find out more, click to watch the video now!