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Mon. 25 Dec. From Ariel:

Ariel: There was only about seven states left who have not made Gold & Silver legal tender. You are that many states away from the entire country being tax free now that precious metals will be treated as money with o% tax exempt status.

The States: New Jersey (Making Progress), Hawaii (Still On The Fence), Kentucky (Introduce Bills), Delaware (Still Clueless), Rhode Island (On Board), Connecticut (Figuring It Out), Tennessee (Planning Phase)

This is the official site. 43 states have removed some form of tax. And also made Gold & Silver legal tender.

State Laws Can Help Restore Gold and Silver as Money.

A growing number of Americans understand that the reckless creation of fiat currency by the Federal Reserve System is causing many of our economic problems. They want to abolish the Fed and return to the gold-backed currency that brought America and the world unprecedented prosperity throughout the 19th century.

But that will not happen overnight. Big banks and other special interests reap enormous profits from the present system, while many Americans are accustomed to paper money and do not grasp the deep connection between sound money and lasting prosperity.

 That’s why sound money activists are launching exciting initiatives at the state level to challenge the monetary monopoly of the Fed. The Sound Money Defense League is taking a multi-pronged approach to removing the shackles that bound sound money.

Our strategy is based in making changes to state sales taxation on precious metals purchases and state capital gains taxation on precious metals holdings, while working to establish state gold depositories, reestablishing gold and silver as money, and encouraging states to hold reserves in precious metals.

The movement to advance the sound money cause at the state level has grown dramatically in recent years. This is likely to continue in an era of unprecedented inflation and geopolitical uncertainty. The legislative success sound money efforts have experienced are indicative of a frustration many Americans feel with the out-of-control money printing by the Fed and their corresponding desire for a return to sound, constitutional money.

From Alabama to Wyoming, states across the U.S. continue to pass legislation to eliminate taxes on gold and silver, establish in-state depositories, protect state taxpayer funds with sound money, and more.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Walkingstick    At what rate will the IQD go into the [Middle East] basket?  I don’t know…This is an RI.  This is the reinstatement phase.  The goal is to reinstate the value that the Iraqi dinar once was proud of…It’s a reinstatement to get to the Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) to a float.  The key is to let them get to that number. 

Frank26  The IMF regulates all banks around the world.  If a bank wants to come out with a new currency they will talk to the IMF about it...Whatever it might be concerning the financial structure of a country with its banks the IMF has to give the okay…Why?  Because you’re dealing with every country internationally.  Well, Iraq isn’t.  They’re about to!  And that’s the point…They’re about to do what big boys do, what big banks do.  The IMF has worked with them…This is the conclusion of those meetings.

Major announcements next year let’s see what’s gone to be

Nader:  12-26-2023

Bank Of Russia Braces For MORE Sanctions, Russian LNG Targeted, Yuan Overtakes Yen In SWIFT

Sean Foo:  12-26-2023

As we head into 2024, Russia’s central bank is now bracing for big sanctions from the United States. However, the US Treasury is gambling big with this new set of secondary sanctions on the global banking sector.

At the same time, de-dollarization is accelerating with the Chinese Yuan overtaking the Yen as a global payments currency. Here’s what you must know!

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 Russia Braces For BIG Sanctions

3:05 America’s Huge Gamble

 6:06 Arctic LNG Targeted

9:30 China’s Yuan Wins Big

12:22 Russia & China Fights Back