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Thoughts From Holly’s site:

Here are some points on the news circulating about where we are now. Use your own discretion and research yourself:

1. It is reported that as of November 1st is Israel is no longer as their corporation that had a charter has expired. Why is Israel last, they had to wait for their corporation to end.

2. Saudi Arabia officially is no longer selling oil in US dollars as of November 1st.

3. US dollar is no longer being used for oil across the board.

4. The stage has been set for the US dollar to be done  globally.

5. No one internationally is going to be using the US dollar.


Member said: Sounds like it is imperative for the US to announce Asset Backed UST currency… And kick off the RV/ GCR


Tishwash:  Iraq is among the largest Arab countries in gold reserves.. international statistics during 2023

A recent report by the World Gold Council stated that the world’s central banks maintained a high pace of gold purchases in the third quarter of this year, in light of geopolitical tensions.

The report indicated that central banks witnessed the third strongest quarterly quarter of net purchases of the yellow metal in the third quarter of 2023, with an amount amounting to 337 tons, but it was less than the record number for the third quarter of 2022. The council said in its quarterly report, that despite the increase in central bank purchases On an annual basis, it declined by 27 percent in the third quarter.

 Global demand for all sectors in the third quarter of 2023 recorded a decline of 6% to 1,147 tons, compared to 1,219 tons in the third quarter of the previous year 2022. While the total supply of gold increased by 6% on an annual basis in the third quarter of 2023, with an increase in mine production. to a standard level.

The top 5 countries with gold reserves
1. United States – 3352.6 tons
2.Germany– 3352.6 tons3
.Italy– 2451.8 tons
4.France– 2436.9 tons
5.Russia– 2332.7 tons.

The 5 largest Arab countries possess reserves of the precious metal
1. Saudi Arabia – 323.1 tons
2.Lebanon– 286.8 tons3
.Algeria– 173.6 tons
4.Iraq– 132.7 tons
5.Egypt– 125.9 tons



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Militia Man   Article quote:  “There are no sanctions imposed on Iraq by the US Treasury but sometimes there is a tightening of standards…”  They say it twice today in different articles that there are no sanctions imposed on Iraq.  If that’s the case and the US Treasury gives the green light then, wow, we really have nothing holding us back

Mnt Goat   I…want to make it VERY, VERY clear to everyone that the IQD is NOT yet reinstated on FOREX…“NOT YET TRADING ON FOREX”. Yes, if you go to FOREX there is a benchmark rate for the IQD but it is a linked rate only, linked back to the CBI.  It is a page holder. Yes, this is still a very good thing and I don’t want to down play it either…The IQD rate is there…only in preparation for the future. But there is not yet any trading ability to buy or sell.

Salah again love him any good news with this guy Iqd

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PREPARE FOR A CREDIT FREEZE… The System Is Coming Apart FASTER! Very Important Updates.

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