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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 18 Dec. 2023

Compiled Mon. 18 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Judy Note: The Globalist’s US Inc.’s fiat petrodollar has been abandoned as a basis for international trade, while 130 countries no longer accept US Treasury Bonds. A broke US Inc.’s Federal Reserve plans to release trillions in worthless asset-backed digital currencies and do the “Great Reset” to digital non asset-backed currency.

Stellar Network recently announced that its final Testnet Reset will occur on Mon. 18 Dec. It was not known if this referred to the Cabal’s non-asset backed Digital Great Reset, or the BRICS Nations gold/asset-backed Global Currency Reset. Or, both.

The BRICS nation’s Global Currency Reset to gold/hard, digital asset-backed currency was imminent! This will include the restoration of the US Constitutional Republic and creation of new sovereign nations throughout the Globe.

Global Currency Reset: RUMORS

Sat. 16 Dec. from a trusted Military Source:
Mon. 18 Dec: RV begins for Tier4b;
Wed. 20 Dec: Iraq has from Wed. until end of month to spend their 2023 budget;
Thurs. 21 Dec: Banks open to exchange currencies including Dinar;
Five days after RV begins the public will have access to Med Beds.

Fri. 15 Dec. TNTRayRen98: The expected RV is now scheduled. Fri. morning Iraq citizens were told by Sudani that the Dinar rate was going to change in the next couple of days. Our window of time is 4:30pm Eastern Fri. 15 evening until 5:00 pm Eastern Sun 17 Dec. of when this could go through. The US has released it. IMF has released it to each country so when it goes, they can start exchanging.

Fri. 15 Dec. MarkZ: “I’m getting updates from government sources across the World, plus my bank sources, who all agree that everything has been released and the amount of currency rates have been agreed to and has been shared with various countries. I hear more and more contacts from different nations say that they now have the “GO”. We don’t know the timing. They appear to have been releasing the countries one by one.

Wed. 13 Dec. Rod Steel: “(Tier4b will be notified) immediately, or no later than Wed. 20 Dec. We need 10 days to get in there before the first of January.”

Wolverine: “I received a call on Sat. 16 Dec. from a very high source. All I can say is that Christmas is coming and we are going to have a very good Christmas. On Sun. 10 Dec. I received a call that Zurich went liquid. A lot of things are happening, especially with the Admiral. It started Fri. night 8 Dec. and it’s rolling out. Everything is now in the payment phase through authorized banks. All escrow accounts of the people who will receive have been opened.

Sun. 10 Dec. Frank26: There is no more guessing. The World Bank has just told the whole world Iraq is about to raise the value of its currency.

On Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Global Currency Reset will officially launch to the general public of BRICS participating nation’s gold/ asset-backed currencies on the Star Link Satellite System.

On that same Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 the BRICS Gold/ Asset-backed XRP Digital Currency would officially be considered the Global Standard for international trade, with all participating nations’ currencies trading at a 1:1 with each other.

Sat. 16 Dec. New Video Dave XRPLion 12/15 Update Part 2 Zim Bond Redemption Center Must Watch Trump News Channel | Alternative | Before It’s News (

Fri. 15 Dec. Bank of England Makes History in Making First Blockchain Payment:

Fri. 15 Dec. Bank Refunds Customers For Illegal Fees:

The intricate web of banks that are now aligning with the QFS system. The QFS, or Quantum Financial System, has been the subject of much speculation, whispers in dimly lit rooms, and late-night conspiracy theory forums. Some say it’s the future, while others claim it’s just another fanciful myth. But what if I told you that 97 of the top 100 central banks are being covertly connected to this system?

Sun. 17 Dec. Octavia on Telegram: This is true. The new money is in the vaults. I was there (accounting job) at the bank and opened the door for the guy that was delivering the new money. It’s been locked up for a long time. The banks are just waiting for the US Treasury to say GO.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26   There is hidden information being revealed in these [This week’s bank story] phone calls…They’re running out of time…The Venturi effect of the whole monetary reform is becoming so narrow he can barely get everything through fast enough right now.  The employees are being educated/updated.  Very good.  They are telling them the dinar…we’ll be doing it, sure…The banks know when and they’re getting the customers ready and preparing them…This is what I am coming across…You may be still getting a lot of denials and that’s still to be expected, but I am a central hub of information.  People call me because they want me to share it with you…these bank stories are powerful.

Militia Man  Article:  “A STATEMENT ISSUED BY THE IRAQ ECONOMIC CONTACT GROUP OF THE GROUP OF SEVEN COUNTRIES, THE EUROPEAN UNION, AND THE WORLD BANK”  This data supports all that we have been seeing where Iraq is going international. It is coming out strong and to the point from the horse’s mouths. For those that doubt it still.. Good luck.

Seeks “monetary sovereignty” with restrictions on the dollar

Nader:  12-17-2023

How Close Are We? Does the FED have authority to issue a CBDC without Congress approval?

The countdown to CBDCs in the U.S. has begun. This programmable money could allow unprecedented government control and 24/7 surveillance of your finances. Are you prepared for programmable digital currencies that could restrict your financial freedom? Learn how to protect yourself now.


: 0:00 Global Race for CBDC

2:38 European Central Bank

3:42 IMF CBDC Handbook

5:10 Russia’s CBDC Pilot

6:50 FedNow

7:25 U.S. Congress

 8:37 Sound Money