News, Rumors and Opinions Monday Morning 11-6-2023


Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 6 Nov. 2023

Compiled Mon. 6 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

Sat. 4 Nov. TNT RayRen98: CBI to make some kind of an announcement tomorrow Sun 5 Nov. Zain Card to be reactivated.

Mark Z bank story: In Scottsdale [Arizona] there is a TruWest Credit Union ATM in the facility.  A rep comes to service the machine.  This person [name withheld by Mark] who works in the building is familiar with this ATM repairperson and asks him, “When are you bringing the new money for the machine?” He smiles and says, “Not yet.” So the person asks, “In December?” He replies that he doesn’t know when, but soon.

Mark cont……..: In other words, they have already started the preparation process for these banks and the ATMs. And getting someone admitting in real life that they are preparing for it… To me, that was a lovely bank story.

As of Sat. 4 Nov. Gold backed countries (BRICS) were paying with their own currency for trading. This will greatly affect the value of the already fiat US Dollar.

Fri. 3 Nov. TNT: A lot of things are happening that pertain to the RV. Banks received memos on Wednesday, Thursday and today in black-and-white- “The Event” is happening. Banks were told that things are in motion ahead of them & going by levels, and waiting to get to them. But it’s in motion. Yesterday, Tony had the champagne out and ready because he was given a two hour window last night. There is another two hour window tonight. He has been told the window but he cannot tell us. But it is supposed to go tonight Fri. 3 Nov to Sat. 4 Nov. His tonight means anytime after 4 PM until 8 AM. Rates are great. Banks are ready. A three letter agency brought their people in last night thinking it was going to go. Hoping it’s tonight. Everyone is on alert – banks, agencies, Treasury.  

Sat. 4 Nov. Credit Crisis is about to trigger a flood of bankruptcies:

Fri. 3 Nov. 10:42 am: Dubai International Financial Center gave Greenlight for XRP.

Fri. 3 Nov. TNT RayRen98 on Nader from the Middle East and Clare: Bank staff received “Get Ready” memos this morning (Fri. 3 Nov). They’ve been excited all day.

Thurs. 2 Nov. Bruce: Two different banks reported that the window for exchanges to start was from now to Tues. 7 Nov. The window for notification to make exchange/ redemption appointments were from after 5 pm Fri. 3 Nov. to Tues. 7 Nov. mid morning. Other sources said notifications and appointments should occur in the next couple of days.

Arte on Telegram: “Ok guys I sat down with one of my banks branch managers today. They are Basel 3 and 4 compliant.  I asked her about the RV and she said she just got an email coming through that said the Tues. 7 Nov. She’s checking in with her higher ups getting back to me.  Her response was, how do you know all this?  Lol hooowhooo let’s go!”

Huge Update! The Unstoppable Force of QFS That’s About to Engage 8 Billion People Worldwide! – Gazetteller

Global Financial Crisis:

Sun. 5 Nov. Stock Market Crash Predicted:

Sun. 5 Nov. The Battle of Basel vs. the Banks: The Line In The Sand – American Media Group (

Sat. 4 Nov. Huge Banking Crisis Erupts:

Sat. 4 Nov. Another US Bank Just Failed:

US Banking Crisis: Citizens Bank closed, FDIC appointed as receiver – Investing Abroad News | The Financial Express:

Sat. 4 Nov. Credit Crisis Is About To Trigger A Flood Of Bankruptcies As Banks Warn About Serious Risks – American Media Group (

On Fri. 3 Nov. Citizens Bank failed and was closed:

Sun. 5 Nov. 5th Bank Failure:

Fri. 3 Nov. Bank of America, Chase and U.S. Bank systems DOWN today as direct deposit systems crash:

Sun. 5 Nov. BRICS to Dethrone US Dollar as Global Reserve:

Sat. 4 Nov. Military Official: “Banks are about to collapse.”

Sun. 5 Nov. 15 Major Retail Stores Going Out of Business:

Sun. 5 Nov. Barclays sued over ex CEOs ties to Epstein:,the%20disgraced%20financier%20Jeffrey%20Epstein

South Korea is banning all short-selling until at least until June to promote a “level playing field” for retail and institutional investors, per Reuters

Yorkshire Lass: “I feel right now the banks are changing over to the new banking system and if any banks are not BASEL 3 Compliant they will collapse. Citizens Bank is the latest one to close and many will follow leading up to a stock market crash (Black Swan Event) I think we are about to see a Domino Effect with the banks.”

Qrash the Matrix: “Earlier this year I pressured my Fulton Bank in PA for three weeks to tell me that Banks that are not ISO20022 and Basel 3/4 compliant will fail. She confirmed with the head of the corporate that this is true: “If we don’t comply we can’t open our doors and operate as a bank anymore.” What’s happening now is the final blow to the Cabal system. They are giving us no warning that they are closing and it was planned this way.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26  Remember, Sudani told the citizens in a week I will announce and introduce a new banking service that will decline the USD.  That equals to an increase in the Iraqi
dinar.  He said it.

Militia Man  I don’t think [Iraq] is going to have a deficit ever again.  I think they’re going to move beyond that by far with all the income streams they got coming online.
And once they change the value of their currency they won’t be tapping
into their dollar reserves anymore.
  Those reserves are just going to
grow and they’re going to grow big.  Not to mention the money they’ve
been clawing back over the last year or so…They were estimating $450
billion that’s going to be clawed back.  Iraq is not going to be a
poor country.  It’s going to be filthy rich..

CRUDE OIL CUTS: OPEC+ Led by Saudi Arabia and Russia Extend Oil Cuts Despite Middle East War

Lena Petrova:  11-6-2023