News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday 5-4-2024


Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 4 May 2024

Compiled Sat. 4 May 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset: (RUMORS)

Fri. 3 May 2024 Wolverine:

“The RV actually started around the first of May (that is when the Green Light was given) even though you guys do not hear or see anything. It is a slow process.

“We should get notifications for Tier4B anytime now for you, the Internet group, so you can go to the Redemption Centers. That will be any day now.

Wolverine Cont….For the bondholders, things are rolling, and I am hoping that actually I will be getting good news as well, for I also have bonds.

I spoke to the director of Mauricio’s Foundation and she is very happy. They have given her certain hours actually for her to receive the funds to come through.

A huge Whale I know, someone I have a relationship with, says they are expecting to be paid.

I received from Asia that we were given a deadline – it will start tonight Fri. 3 May into tomorrow afternoon Sat. 4 May. It will appear in all members’ accounts.

I have also received information from other countries that they received the same news. It means they follow Reno time zone. It looks like this is definitely going to happen.

Other developments: banking accounts have been opened for sellers and loaded with locked funds.

They are testing QFS functionality today and tomorrow Fri. 3 May into Sat. 4 May, and delivering the release by computer, also, assuming there are no problems with the tests.

They will send formal emails to specific sellers during this week inviting them to a TTM next week at certain locations. TTMs will be held throughout the next week. Payments will begin once TTM is completed within five banking days.

They will all fall together in the pattern of Dominos. They will now receive the emails – I ask you guys to wait – The Sovereign committee team is working sincerely without stopping.  We have had no rest at all. If the QFS works perfectly, the banks will test their adaptation. Everything is underway, prepare for payment next week.

Bob Dunn (I do not know if you know him,) he is very highly respected. He says, “The Green Light has been given, and the funds will be dispersed today or tomorrow Fri. 3 May or Sat. 4 May. 

Truth in Transaction in the USA will be settled on Monday 6 May and overseas on Tuesday 7 May. 

All platforms started on May 1st. It is slower than anticipated, however, there appears to be a plan.

Private banker – 10:30  a.m. only one close contract  – Contracts of 1% to be released tomorrow Sat. 4 May with full liquidity.

Someone arrived in Brazil with 50 arrest warrants.

We have been told that Brazil has started, from quite a few sources, obviously everything is behind the scenes right now but I am hoping and praying to get 100% confirmation.  

I want you to have faith. This has started. This will end up going our way and hopefully we will be free to help humanity. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will have something special for you.  Love you guys, Wolverine

Fri. 3 May Unknown Source: “Hi everybody. I wanted to share an encouraging opinion. A friend of mine who has contacts shared some helpful information about the RV with me this evening. I will keep their name private, but here are the encouraging facts. Columbia, Brazil, Chile, all have paymasters that have flown into Bogota. They are RV-ing as we speak. The US is roughly three weeks behind South America, that way any kinks or security issues can be worked out ahead of time before the RV reaches the States. This is wonderful and exciting news. Wanted to share with you lovely people. We’re almost there! God has gotten us here! One love! Getting ready for the switch to USN:

Fri. 3 May Frank: Frank was reading a message that had just came through at the end of his video, but stopped midway. He said “Mission accomplished God and tomorrow is going to be fun.”

Thurs. 2 May Bruce: The Iraqi Dinar has been trading for weeks on the bank back screens. Iraq was tentatively going to celebrate what they call their Financial Inclusion on Fri. 3 May 2024. An email was sent to Bruce that said to be ready on Sat. 4 May.

Fri. 3 May BRICS Announcement, Goldilocks: “According to Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Financial Market Committee, talks on how the new currency will work have started and an agreement may be reached by the end of this year.” The plan is for this currency to be supported by gold, various precious metals, and other assets. The purpose is for the BRICS Nations to be able to trade with one another and no longer have to deal with US sanctions on their currencies.

Global Financial Crisis:

Fri. 3 May CNBC: Stress Tests Reveal Hundreds of U.S. Banks at Risk Due to Loans and Rate Hikes Hundreds of small and regional banks in the U.S. are under financial stress, with 282 facing significant risks from commercial real estate loans and the effects of higher interest rates.

Fri. 3 May 2024: BOOM! Controlled Collapse: Complete List Of BANKS Owned/Controlled By The Rothschild Crime Family – American Media Group (

Fri. 3 May Vietnam: Vietnam Central Bank to Auction Gold Bars:

Wed. 1 May CNBC: Hundreds of US Banks at risk of failure.

Wed. 1 May Summary of Fed Chair Powell’s Statement: 1. Inflation has eased but remains too high. 2. Further progress on inflation is not assured and path is uncertain. 3. Inflation data this year has been higher than expected. 4. Rate cuts not appropriate until “greater confidence” over inflation. 5. Balance sheet reduction to be lowered by $35 billion per month. 6. Rate cuts are likely to take longer than expected.

Fri. 3 May 2024: BAD NEWS: CRASH has BEGUN! It Will Be a Bad One. GOOD NEWS: CRASHES are the Best Time to Get Rich! Robert Kiyosaki Warns – American Media Group (

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Frank26  Question “Will the CBI website be down for hours when they change the rate?”  No when they change  the rate it’ll be a push of a button electronically.  Instantly the world will know about it. And it will be global news.     

Militia Man  Think about the money to build a country let alone just the development road itself, all the industrial cities, commercial buildings, residential complexes, infrastructure, it’s massive.  It’s so far too expensive, it just won’t happen at 1310.  They have to have a real effective exchange rate…  

IT BEGINS! Mystery Buyer Takes Action! 10yr Yield CRATERS. MMRI Plummets! BANK BLACK HOLE.

Greg Mannarino:  5-3-2024

Gold & Dollar Trading Signal The End Of Fiat Currency | Francis Hunt

Liberty and Finance:  5-3-2024

The rise in gold is signaling disaster ahead, says The Market Sniper Francis Hunt. The US dollar used to be the main fear trade.

However, real return on US Treasuries is massively negative if you use alternative measures of inflation. Investors are starting to see Treasuries as having a “risk premium of failure,” Hunt notes.

 He says the “end of fiat currency” is coming and gold knows it.