News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday AM 3-16-2024


Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 16 March 2024

Compiled Sat. 16 March 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset: (RUMORS)

Fri. 15 March Hernán Robert Hbravo: Rubem BAZ says that the 12 Platforms were scheduled to launch last night Thurs. 14 March on RENO and the launch of the 6 Platforms today Fri. 15 March in Zurich. Contracts will be sent over the weekend and available funds will be released on Mon. 18 March. Sovereign Buyers start their businesses next Wed. 20 March by sending contracts, notifications, phone calls, etc.

Hernán Robert Hbravo cont……Today Fri. 15 March there will be a global announcement from each country; regarding their currency being asset-backed. The US announcement will be made by UST and the new USN banknotes will be available. This will be the official start of Rescue and Rescue Centers, and Notifications will be sent. The Exchange Centers will use the New Dollar!

Fri. 15 March Ginger Bank Story: “My Chase/JP Morgan Wealth Manager guy was transparent, knew what was going on, shared info, and admitted he had foreign currency and how he was focused on humanitarian needs. I am really surprised he admitted what he did.”

Fri. 15 March Wolverine, MarkZ: Over the weekend, especially in Europe, the final transition to 20022 (or whatever) is activated. High expectations for massive banking changes this weekend. My bank even notified me that some services will not work overnight on Sunday. Member: My bank emailed and said they were making some important updates before April 15th. Member: I received a message from my bank saying that on the 17th, from 1:00 am to 5:00 am, there will be no service for all transactions. Member: Rumor has it that Chinese Elders have paid off ALL debts worldwide at this time. So I’m resting comfortably…without fear.

Fri. 15 March The Basis of NESARA/GESARA is the Q Movement Taking Over The Fed: Nesara / Gesara Fact – We Will Know Very Soon 2024 | Prophecy | Before It’s News (

Global Financial Collapse, Charlie Ward:

BANKING COLLAPSE : Prepare for the Unthinkable: Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds are flooding back to Europe and 110 nations, revealing the alarming truth that the U.S. Corporation is teetering on the brink of insolvency. Brace yourself for the impending catastrophic COLLAPSE that will send shockwaves throughout Europe and beyond.

Hyperinflation in Germany is decimating the metal industry, crippling weapons production, and pushing corporations to the edge of bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, the colossal COLLAPSE of SVB BANKS in California, resulting in a mind-boggling loss of $10 trillion, sets off a catastrophic domino effect rippling across multiple countries. The COLLAPSE, underway for over a year and a half, is finally unmasking the Deep State’s cover-ups and exposing their false market reports.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Petra  Early Monday morning was the article demonstrating the fact that Sudani was considering changing the rate of the dinar from 1310 to 1.32 which for us in the United States is $0.79Then the very next day we get an article talking about the new small category notes.  They’re talking rate, they’re talking notes.  And then you got Tannini the Commerce Director there talking about a surprise could happen within hours in regards to their monetary reform

Frank26  Article: “Among them concerns the dinar… the outcomes of Parliament’s finance meeting with the Central Bank”  ALL THEY TALK ABOUT IS THE 1.32 & THE INTRODUCTION OF THE LOWER NOTES!!!  FINALLY… THE SOUND HEARD AROUND THE WORLD!  This is actually happening.  This is a reality.  The monetary reform to add value to the currency and then to float internationally is a reality…because it’s in print.

Trio of BRICS, OPEC and China/Russia: How Global South Leading the World

Fastepo:  3-15-2024

Recent developments suggest a broadening and deepening of the BRICS alliance with OPEC, with significant implications for global energy markets and geopolitical alignments.

The global landscape is witnessing a pivotal transformation with the expansion of the BRICS group, now including key OPEC members like Saudi Arabia, Iran and the UAE, along with Egypt, and Ethiopia.

This strategic enlargement significantly enhances the bloc’s global energy influence and positions it as a formidable counterweight to G7, potentially altering the dynamics of global energy markets and investment flows.

 In this video, we explore the intricate dynamics between OPEC, BRICS, and the pivotal roles of China and Russia, focusing on their collective influence on global finance and the international order.

We’ll examine how these relationships are reshaping economic alliances, challenging Western dominance, and potentially creating a new multipolar financial landscape.

Join us as we dissect the strategic partnerships and rivalries that are redefining global economics and politics, and consider the future implications for global stability and prosperity.