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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 30 Sept. 2023

Compiled Sat. 30 Sept. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset Possible Timeline: (RUMORS)

Fri. 29 Sept. Sheila: The HCL was being paid out today in Iraq. In-country Rate: $5+

Fri. 29 Sept. TNT call: The lower denominations are supposed to be released tomorrow in Iraq. The rate is expected to change sometime in the next 72 hours.

Walkingstick (an Iraqi citizen and bank owner): “The tender for the currency and coins has been met per request, meaning (requirements) for release of the new Iraqi Dinar exchange rate has been fulfilled.”

Wolverine: “The funds have been released and placed on the Quantum Financial System.”

Fri. 29 Sept was a dramatic beginning of the Stock Market Crash. The Chinese Communist Party Defense Minister, plus the CEO of the World’s largest real estate company, the CCP’s Evergrande, have gone missing – that halted Evergrande Shares on a Stock Market that was already in free fall, while odds soared for a US Government shutdown by Sun. 1 Oct. – any, or all of which could easily bring on a Global Financial Crisis that would trigger a Global Currency Reset.

In October SS payments would increase (up to $5500).

The first two weeks of Oct. NESARA should pay out (reclamation funds). 

Sun. 1 Oct was the first banking day of October in the Mideast and was also the starting of the new US Fiscal Year. All banks were (allegedly) required to be on the gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System rather than the old SWIFT System based on the fiat US Dollar; the new gold/ asset-backed US Note was expected to be announced and active, plus the new international rate for the Iraqi Dinar could be made public.

On Mon. 2 Oct. the Iraqi WS Bank US Branch would be open for business, while the US Inc. government would be (allegedly)  shutdown – that expected to set off a worldwide financial crisis as the Stock Market reopened as sell offs continued that was expected to trigger a close of all trading until Tues. 3 Oct. morning.

On Mon. 2 Oct. and according to instructions given at Redemption Centers, Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) could be notified to set exchange and redemption appointments, although intel received from a high up source indicated that may not happen until Fri. 4 Oct. with appointments starting the next day.

Tues. 3 Oct. has been officially designated as the National Day of the Republic of Iraq to celebrate Iraqi freedom from the US Inc. Iraq would likely declare that they were a Sovereign Nation, although their Sovereignty could be (allegedly)  announced in connection with announcement of the new Dinar International Rate on Sun. 1 Oct.

On that same Tues. 3 Oct. the Stock Market was expected to continue to sell off. When it hit 20% it would be considered the point of no return and would close.

On Wed. 4 Oct Iraq would be welcomed to the World Trade Organization with a fully reinstated Iraqi Dinar international traded currency. Wed. 4 Oct. was also considered the day when the official Stock Market Crash would happen. A “test” on the worldwide Emergency Broadcast System had already been scheduled for Wed. 4 Oct. HAL TURNER: October 4 TEST of Emergency Alert System, Nationwide. No, It’s not the Zombie Apocalypse! – American Media Group (

By Tues. 10 Oct. the bulk of redemption appointments and exchanges were expected to be done.

The second week of Oct. the restitution and reparation funds will be given out for seniors over 60 in a lump sum; for ages 50-60 they will be paid out over a 12 month period and ages 30 to 49 paid out over a 15 year period.

On Wed. 1 Nov. it was the goal to have Currency Exchanges and Zim Bond Redemptions completed, at which time the US Federal Dollar would be considered worthless.

In November Social Security will be paid out in much higher payments.

The SS R&R payments start on a monthly basis beginning in Jan. 2024.

On 1 Jan. 2024 the fiat US Dollar will be worth nothing.(allegedly)

Starting 1 Jan. all currencies across the Globe will be on par 1:1 with each other.(allegedly) 

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Mnt Goat  Question:  Holiday in Iraq on October 3…their Independence Day. …October 4 is Iraq finally a member of World Trade Organization…Can Iraq still continue with the program rate of 1132 until the end of the year? Or will CBI release the new small category notes before October 4?   Mnt Goat Answer:  …As you know they will not give out any dates only a window when they plan to do it. I was told October for the re-education and them they should follow closely with the newer lower notes.

Frank26  What do you think the rate will be when it comes outI don’t care!  What I care about is for them to announce in 72 hours they’re sanction free and their currency is restriction free… international.  If it’s international hello Forex…What will it turn into, that’s what you need to be paying attention to and at what speed...It ain’t going to be no 6 months to a year before it reaches the potential of the Middle Eastern exchange rates of 3 to 1.  No.  Shoot, you’re going to sleep, the next morning, boom!

LIVE! Moody’s WARNS Of “Systemic Risk.” Energy Inflation SKYROCKETS With No End In Sight.

Greg Mannarino:  9-29-2023

Rafi Farber: The End Game is Dead Ahead

Arcadia Econoomics:  9-29-2023

The bond market continues to collapse as long term interest rates rise relentlessly, day after day.

 Oil is mysteriously trading together with the dollar index instead of inversely, signaling that the forex market is spinning off into its own compartmentalized reality while prices for real stuff in the real world march higher completely independently of so-called “dollar strength”.

Meanwhile, in New York, nearly 5 million ounces of silver are taken off the market from the JPMorgan vault this week.

At this rate, JPM has only about 5 months of silver supply left to sell. And while this is all happening, gold and silver prices continue their abysmal plunge.

That said, silver mining stocks have never been this oversold relative to the metal itself. This sort of exceptional price action typically happens just prior to a major financial crisis.

 Rafi Farber believes the End Game for the dollar is dead ahead. We are nearly there.