News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday Morning 12-2-2023


Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 2 Dec. 2023

Compiled Sat. 2 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

Fri. 1 Dec TNT Call: Iraqis were being told that they have a sovereign country and currency. Iraqi Contracts and businesses were being paid in the new Dinar Rate today Fri. 1 Dec. The new rate was supposed to come out by Mon. 4 Dec, but it could happen any time after 4 pm Eastern today Fri. 1 Dec. The banks were told today that people who have SKRs with funds pending in their accounts will have access to the funds over the weekend.

Fri. 1 Dec. Wolverine: Reno has started, that is true. People with SKR I was told were paid. Today (Fri. 1 Dec.) might be a shotgun release which means the currency and bonds get release at the same time. This is going to get very emotional when it happens and so I suggest to get those tissues and that bottle of champagne. This is all part of history and all of you are part of history. The biggest transfer of wealth in the history of this planet is about to get started. Always remember where you were and what you were doing when it happens. God bless you all. …Wolverine

Thurs. 30 Nov. Mike Bara: Bond holders just got calls to verify their bank account information for payment.

Thurs. 30 Nov. MarkZ: “Bond people have been told to have all their information updated by 3pm EST Thurs. 30 Nov….The tip from Mike Bara RV was that his bond people told him the RV will arrive by Friday 1 Dec.”

Thurs. 30 Nov. Bruce: Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) exchanges were supposed to start on Fri. 1 Dec. Notification to Bond Holders were going out Thurs. night 30 Nov. and they should have access tomorrow on Fri. 1 Dec. Yesterday Wed. 29 Dec. Rates on Dinar and Dong were put out on Redemption Center screens that were terrific and they were even higher today. It is important that you set your appointment through an 800 number and go to a Redemption Center to exchange. The rates at the Redemption Center were much higher (as many as four time higher) than they were at the bank.

Wed. 29 Nov. TNT Call: Iraqis were at banks opening accounts and getting electronic cards. The Three letter agencies are still saying the approval has been given and they are working it through the system and it could happen any minute between now and the end of the month Thurs. 30 Nov.

Tues. 28 Nov. Bruce: Currency dealers will be changing their currency rates Wed. 28 Nov. night after midnight. A top Wells Fargo Bank source said Tier4b would be exchanging by Thurs. 30 Nov. of this week. Another source said Tier4b would be exchanging on Thurs. 30 Nov. On Wed. 29 Nov. the Sovereigns and Chinese Elders will be paid (starting overnight Tues. into Wed. overnight). Depending on how that goes will determine when Tier4b will be notified to set appointments. Restitution and Reclamation Allowances (in a lump sum payment) and a significant increase in Social Security starts the first week of Dec. for ages 62 and over. NESARA came in on Thanksgiving night 11-23-2023 at 11:11pm.

Thurs. 30 Nov. American Patriot on Telegram: QFS: Many of the major corporations around the world have already begun the process of interfacing their networks together on the QFS. As Protocol 20 continues to test its system with these new technologies connecting to one another, we will witness an explosion of new services available to us on January 30th, 2024 providing the vote to move forward with Protocol 20 is agreed upon.

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Frank26  Question:  ‘Are we at the point this could happen this weekend as well as the last week of December or any time in-between?‘  IMO December is a month to remember if they stay on the schedule that we believe before ’24.

Mnt Goat   “The Prime Minister’s philosophy confirms that economic reform cannot be achieved without reforming the banking system, and therefore the priority begins with reforming the financial system.”  …more proof that Iraqi’s economy does not need to grow any more at this time in order to get to the value of the dinar to what we need for a fair and honest rate reflected…the “priority” begins with reforming the financial system and currency reform is a large part of the financial system.  …Iraq will never be able to raise enough the money alone to rebuild Iraq and its economy unless they first complete the needed banking and financial reforms needed to attract investors…

BANKING CRASH IS BREWING: $684 BILLION Reported by U.S Banks In Unrealized Securities Losses

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