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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 22 Feb. 2024

Compiled Thurs. 22 Feb. 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Judy Note: It is my personal opinion that we need to plan for a worldwide Black Swan Event Cyber Attack and Blackout that adds up to collapse of the Global Financial System including Bank Runs and Closures that lead to a Worldwide EBS Alert and subsequent Global Currency Reset to the BRICS Nation’s gold/asset-backed system.

Global Currency Reset(RUMORS)

Wed. 21 Feb. Chance McFadden on Telegram: “NDAs were signed in Reno Tuesday 29 Feb. and the Reno 12 will be (allegedly) getting their 1% Fiat late Wednesday 21 Feb, then Thursday 22 Feb. in Europe,  Asia and the Philippines on Friday 23 Feb.

Wed. 21 Feb. Wolverine Whale Movement (of funds) Happening: 19,905,635 #XRP (10,751,673 USD) Transferred From #Binance  To Unknown Wallet. 18,544,887 #XRP (10,016,690 USD) Transferred From #Binance  To Unknown Wallet. Someone Knows Something Huge Pump For #XRP. …“The QFS is connected to 108 banks, is active in 14 countries and the platforms are ready to allow transfers. We are ready. God bless.”

Tues. 20 Feb. $5.20 (allegedly) New Iraqi Dinar International Rate: Iraqi Dinar – Its Massive ,Dinar Reinstated Surprised New Rate $5.20 USD For Every IQD – 19 February – YouTube

On Tues. 20 Feb. 2024 Protocol 20 began – the expansion of the stellar platform brings in more and more liquidity in this new digital asset based trading system. …Goldilocks

Tues. 20 Feb. MarkZ: “I have three Currency Whales who have exchange appointments set for some time in March.”

Tues. 20 Feb. Bruce: Feb. 22 Thursday to the end of the month Feb. 29 Fri. is when NESARA is (allegedly) starting to be released – including the R&R allowance.

Global Financial Crisis:

The Great Reset: Former Blackrock portfolio manager, Ed Dowd, explains why every last remnant of human freedom depends on widespread rejection of CBDC. “It is literally a prison planet. Once the central bank digital currency is linked to all your credit cards and bank accounts, then social controls can be implemented. If you’re a dissenter like me, talking about truth, they shut you down.”

Wed. 21 Feb. The three largest Chinese banks (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of China) have been rejecting Russian payments via SWIFT, SPFS and CIPS since the beginning of the year. Earlier, the cancellation of work with Russian business transactions became known from Turkey and the UAE. Countries fear secondary US sanctions under a new law for the US Ministry of Finance, which allows banks to be punished in a simplified manner for violating anti-Russian sanctions.

Wed. 21 Feb. Egypt has officially joined a growing list of countries to abandon the U.S. dollar entirely. It enacted this yesterday, and will no longer accept the U.S. dollar as a trade currency whatsoever.

Wed. 21 Feb. Nearly $1 Billion in Bitcoin Disappears After Transfer From Major US Exchange:

Wed. 21 Feb. Currency War: RUSSIA & CHINA Have Announced they Will Completely STOP Using the US Dollar in their Commercial Transactions! – American Media Group (

Jeff Bezos sells another $2.37 billion worth of Amazon stock with a total of $8.4 billion $AMZN shares sold over the past two weeks.

Complete list of Rothschild owned and controlled Banks across the world:

Wed. 21 Feb. The Master Key GRAND Revelations: Quantum Financial System XRP/L – A Paradigm Shift in Global Economics – Dave XRP Lion Reveals the Grand Secrets – American Media Group (

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Mnt Goat   Please just be patient!  The reinstatement is coming and I firmly believe from what we now already know and are about to witness is a major part of the Banking Reforms that everything else was geared up to support over the past 10 years.   Iraq is about to get out of the sanctioned mindset altogether and return to common global banking practices of how they will be doing business with the rest of the world going forward.

Militia Man  The amount of construction and all those things that we’ve talked about are not going to be affordable at 1310.  They specifically did a tripartite budget which they haven’t totally exposed yet…But notice the things they have done.  They were in the UN assembly… Davos…Munich and they were doing deals behind closed doors with all these different countries of the world…Middle East, United States, Great Britain and on and on and on…Are they going to be doing this to stay where they were before or are they going back to a previous era?  1169, 1182, 1460, 1310, they never went international with those rate…

WARNING: US Risks FISCAL CRISIS as its $1.6 TRILLION Deficit & $34.2T National Debt Are of Control

Lena Petrova:  2-21-2024

The ‘Black Swan’ That Could Reignite Inflation, Force Fed To Change Course | Gary Wagner

David Lin:  2-22-2024

Gary Wagner, Editor of, discusses the latest inflation report, as well as when the Federal Reserve is likely to begin cutting the Fed Funds rate.

0:00 – Intro

1:00 – Rate cut probability

 3:20 – Inflation expectations

7:50 – Fed monetary policy

8:45 – Gold technical

 22:45 – USD

 24:45 – Bitcoin