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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 18 April 2024

Compiled Thurs. 18 April 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

NESARA/GESARA: NESARA Activation (allegedly) implements the following changes:

1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare: a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.

2. Abolishes the income tax

3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.

4. Creates a14% flat rate non-essential ‘new items only’ sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed, nor will used items such as old homes.

5. Increases benefits to senior citizens

6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility Amendment. Hundreds of thousands of Americans under the control of foreign powers will lose their citizenship, be deported to other countries, and barred from reentry for the remainder of their life. And millions of people will soon discover their college degrees are now worthless paper.

8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all “National Emergencies” and return us back to Constitutional Law.

9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.

10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury, ‘rainbow currency,’ backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law.

13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. Treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.

14. Restores financial privacy.

15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

16. Ceases all aggressive U.S. Government military actions worldwide.

17. Establishes peace throughout the world.

18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.

Global Currency Reset: (RUMORS)

Wed. 17 April MarkZ: The Bond Folks have expectations of things starting from between Mon. 15 April to Mon. 22 April. Most of my sources have gag orders right now. Some have actual NDA’s, and some of them are being leaned on by leadership to not say anything. Especially with groups.

Tues. 16 April Bruce: Bond Holders were expecting their emails to exchange tomorrow Wed. 17 April or Thurs. 18 April. Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) should go around the same time. Yesterday a lower Tier Bank told us that they expected liquidity Wed. 17 April or Thurs. 18 April. The Iraqi Dinar rate has not yet been made public, but the Dinar is on the back screens of the Forex and trading upward with a Contract Rate that is very high. The Dong Rate is also trading upward in a good direction. Zim is trading over $1, but as you know the US will be at a 1:1 on par with them and all currencies…. The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#.

Mon. 15 April TNT Tony: The Three Letter Agencies were saying that the RV could go anytime after 5pm Mon. 15 April through Wed. 17 April, though Tony thinks we won’t see it until next week.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Frank26  IMO just before Sudani left on his trip with his delegation to Washington DC to visit the United  States Treasury he gave orders to the government of Iraq to start setting up the big screens because he wants to make an announcement once the delegation returns from Washington DC…IMO the government of Iraq is going to give the citizens what they  promised them, purchasing power of their currency.  He will keep his promise that he swore upon Allah, introduce the lower notes with the new exchange rate...It is Sudani’s intention to make an announcement and we believe it will be done through these screens.

Militia Man  The 2023/2024 budget hasn’t been sent to the HOR yet but they’re saying in the coming  weeks...There’s time constraints on getting things done…They can’t likely expose an exchange rate to the House of Representatives before they give it to them, they just can’t do that because that would leak around, it would get out and it would be a disruption.   But…they have to give them that information because it’s a legal component.  If they do what they say they’re going to do and get an exchange rate out…it’s likely going to be before that happens.    

US Debt Default Through Inflation | Michael Pento

Liberty and Finance:  4-17-2024

While inflation has been over the Fed’s 2% target for over three-years, the central bank is talking about cutting rates.

 The Fed is the “bankers bank” and operating to help the banks instead of the citizens, says portfolio manager Michael Pento

 And the economy is not as strong as the government and mainstream media claim. Those counting on their 60/40 portfolio to secure their retirement are in for a rude awakening, he says.


0:00 Intro

1:20 Economic trends

10:44 Fed speak

14:49 Property illusion

19:19 Preparedness

23:20 Zombie companies

27:11 Pento Portfolio Strategies