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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 12 March 2024

Compiled Tues. 12 March 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

US Banks No Longer Allowed to Make Loans on Fiat US Dollar
Chinese Real Estate Market Bankrupt


On Mon. 11 March the “Bank Term Funding Program,” the infamous #BTFP, will be history. There should not have been any surprise about this if it weren’t for the fact that the banking situation today is much worse than it was one year ago when the #BTFP was launched.

If you have doubts about how critical the #BTFP was to keep the whole financial system together, I suggest you read my previous analysis on the topic to help better understand what I am going to discuss next, starting from the “THE BIG BANKS ARE ALREADY UTILIZING THE FED BTFP!”

So, not only is the #FED letting the #BTFP end soon, but this is also happening without an equivalent replacement in place.

Yes, the Discount Window is available and banks should learn to use it, but what the #FED is apparently not understanding (or pretending not to) is that most of the banks cannot use it. Why?

The high-quality collateral current market value is deeply below par (while, let’s not forget, the #BTFP allowed banks to borrow against collateral pretending it was worth much more than it truly was). As a result, they would not be able to access the same amount of liquidity through the Discount Window compared to the #BTFP, leaving a gap to be filled.

Banks, in a never-ending rush to minimize their cost of capital and maximize their leverage and profits, began to aggressively re-hypothecate their (and often their clients’) assets to access liquidity after the GFC. Consequently, using the Discount Window is very capital inefficient for them.

The primordial reason why banks are so reluctant to use the #FED discount window is that everyone else in the market will know the best quality assets they hold are being pledged as collateral to the #FED, leaving all other creditors hanging on worse quality, if not radioactive ones. This is why once a bank is caught using the Discount Window, all other lenders will try to pull their liquidity from them (ultimately accelerating its downfall).

Banks will not be able to use the #BTFP anymore.

The Discount Window isn’t a viable alternative to replace the #BTFP.

Since the banking crisis last year, not a single bank raised capital, but their balance sheet losses even increased.

Banks that borrowed from the #BTFP will need to come up with $79bn to repay the #FED loans by the 4th of April.

As you can see from this table I prepared, the biggest amount of #BTFP loans are expected to be repaid in the next 4 weeks: – $11.9bn this week – $41.7bn next week – $10.7bn in 3 weeks – $14.6bn in 4 weeks.

How the hell can they do that? If it was hard to find $1bn for $NYCB to the point there wasn’t a better alternative than (locust) hedge funds, it doesn’t take a financial wizard to figure out the chances $79bn can be found in 4 weeks are realistically low.

Why can’t banks just walk away from the #BTFP? Doesn’t the #FED have collateral against the money they borrowed if they do so?

Banks cannot simply walk away and not repay money borrowed from the #BTFP because that was made in the form of a “loan” and defaulting against it will trigger all cross-default clauses in every other borrowing facility available to them.

Yes, it’s an incredible mess without any visible escape route. This is why I am arguing the #FED is potentially starting a banking crisis today and, honestly speaking, I don’t think people at the #FED aren’t intelligent enough to see it coming which makes me wonder if perhaps they are willingly starting a banking crisis this time.


Mon. 11 March The Death of Brick & Mortar Banks, Ariel:

A paradigm shift is not an event its a process. Everything will eventually be online for the sake of convenience and profit. Why continue lending to institutions that people are using less and less?

Nor to mention they do not have the capital to meet consumers demands. Especially when they actually have to have physical reserves and not just numbers on the computer to lend out loans to customers that can’t afford the interest and end up owing on their mortgage.

Then if the banks have too many foreclosures on their books they end up shutting down as well. The derivative market is another layer to this that is aiding in all of these bank closures that is forecasted to be 1,300 by the end of the year.

Not to mention the bank runs alone will cause most of these institutions to fold under after March 11th. So there is a plethora of reasons why we are where we are at this crucial time in the financial sector.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Mnt Goat This Saturday I had my normal call to my CBI contact in Iraq and was told they too are waiting for the signal to go ahead with the Project to Delete the Zeros. This is the next step. Everything from the Iraqi side has been cleared but the US Treasury has not yet given their assurance of the reinstatement once the process moves to the next step. The CBI now wants this in writing and a formal document stating the approvals. They are waiting for this to come.  …we know that what has been accomplished in the de-dollarization process is hard to undo at that point…So, there is no turning back and they must move ahead.

[Three corners of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri  Chase Bank Story]  I just walked in.  I didn’t at first tell them what was going on…I started saying I’m coming into some money, I made a couple investments that look like they’re going to pay off.  He flat out asked, is this the dinar?…Yes…He stood up at that point and was like, I’ll be right back.  He
goes and gets the JP Morgan guy. 
FRANK:  You are blessed.  Not everyone is going to the banks with the JP Morgan reps.  If you got one of those there they’ll talk to you.  If not, they’ll still treat you like an idiot.


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