News, Rumors and Opinions Wednesday AM 3-6-2024


Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 6 March 2024

Compiled Wed. 6 March 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

Mon. 4 March Frank26: “The IQD is going through a phase where it’s being traded internationally on the Forex private side, live. In Jan it was trading at $2.60, last month $2.63 or so, Sunday $2.70, this morning $2.79 and 2pm today $2.84 and just before he got on it was at $2.87. This is a trend that’s going through the reinstatement phase to get to $3.22 (for an expected International Rate).”

Tues. 5 March MarkZ: “I have a lot of sources expecting it to break loose in the next days. I would not be surprised to see it before we reach the weekend. …Official rate still stays at 1310. Doesn’t matter what the Forex says if you can’t go to a free float. …Bond folks are still expecting to soon receive 1% of their money. Last time I checked early this morning the Dinar was about $2.80. You cannot exchange at that yet but it does show things are changing and something is cooking.”

Tues. 5 March Wolverine: “It’s coming. It’s green all over.”

Tues. 5 March “All banks are transitioning over into the QFS. Eight billion people will inevitably transition to the QFS. Start getting hold of the ISO 20023 XLM and XRP. In an age of unparalleled technological advancements, we stand at the precipice of a revolution so profound, it’s poised to reshape our financial, military, and electoral systems. The dawn of the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is upon us, and a new world order awaits. Our world, home to a staggering 8 billion souls, finds itself at the crossroads of a digital renaissance. This isn’t just any change; it’s a quantum shift. And guess what? Every single person will be a part of it. …David Lester Straight,


Tues. 5 March Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#:

In a mini sting operation last Wed. bankers were told no early exchanges  – some banks jumped the line and some of the banks that needed to be cleaned up were taken care of  – so now where do we stand now as to our start.

We got an email about 3pm today Tues. 5 March saying we were within 24 hours of being notified and getting our notifications and setting our appointment. We had this confirmed from two different RC’s.

We know the Iraqi Dinar has been trading up on the screen and they are still blinking and moving upwards, but not stable – so what are we waiting on  – I think they just want the currencies to hit the values they want to start and we  will be rewarded for our patience and especially if you use the RC and we should if this holds true we’ll get our notifications tomorrow Wed. 6 March.

When it comes to R&R allowances that is supposed to kick in when the USTN is released between 14  -16 March.

They are able to set those appointments 20 – 25 days into the future.

WF is the Lead bank and HSBC are handling everything globally and Chase are going to have 15 banks in Iraq by the end of this week. Banco Santandar will be the bank in South America.  


Global Financial Crisis:

Tues. 5 March: $715,000,000 liquidated from the Crypto Currency market in the past 24 hours. 

Tues. 5 March: Congress debates spending bill to avoid government shutdown this Fri. 8 March:

JFK issued currency that bypassed the privately owned Federal Reserve — and he paid for it with his life.

Bank of America: $1 trillion every 100 Days added to the Nation’s Debt:

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Mnt Goat  Article quote:  “Does deleting the currency’s zeros affect its value?…”   I called my CBI contact…and I was told to expect the Project to delete the Zeros to occur very soon. WOW! WOW! WOW!  Then…out pops this article, then another and…yet another all dealing with the Project to Delete the Zeros- coincidental? WOW! WOW! WOW! I don’t think so…It is now on the radar scope for the CBI for the very near future?  [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

Mnt Goat   remember…the difference between RATE and VALUE…the value is in the dinar already but not reflected yet in the rate. There is no need to increase the value if the TRUE value is being suppressed by the 3 zero rate…Economic expert, Durgham Muhammad, said to the citizens and I quote – that deleting the currency’s zeros does not conflict with its value”…Okay, so…we all know the rate is being artificially suppressed …Once the 3 zeros are dropped, (not lopped) the only thing that will change by the Project to Delete the Zeros, is the realization of the TRUE value through its currency. [post 2 of 2] 

BREAKING: BRICS New BLOCKCHAIN & Digital System Will Revolutionize the World

Lena Petrova:  3-6-2024