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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 3 April 2024

Compiled Wed. 3 April 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset: (Rumors)

On Thurs. 14 March 2024 Ginger of the Liberty Lounge on Telegram: As we await the The Event, these are definitive markers we are looking for: Historical Bonds (Golden Dragon Bonds, German Bonds, Super Pechelli Bonds – way too many to name, etc) go first, then:

1. Fines and Penalties are paid
2. Adjudicated funds are paid
3. Farm Claims are paid
4. CMKX recipients funded
5. Church groups (large) funded

6. The Admiral funded
7. T1-4a – funds liquidated
8. Then Tier 4b gets to go….

Above, many can “see” the $ in accounts, but there’s no liquidity. It’s not usable money until it’s liquid and they can actually spend it. We’re waiting for this liquidity, still. The positives are, most if not all the paymasters have been funded and have signed NDAs. Now we’re hearing reports of some group members signing NDA. This is extremely encouraging! Until all of these things happen, then it’s not happened for us yet, regardless of what ANYONE says, Guru or otherwise. These items listed are non-negotiable for the GCR/RV roll out. Period. Keep this is mind as you measure your expectations. We’re getting there and the news is good.

Tues. 2 April: Central Bank of Iraq opens bonds in all Iraqi banks. This is the withdrawal of the Iraqi Dinar from the street and the Central Bank’s goal.

Sat. 30 March Ginger: “We’re hearing that the revaluation of the rate is currently underway inside the border of Iraq. The Parliament committee has instructed Iraqi merchants and retailers to adjust their prices of goods and services, effective this weekend, to reflect the changes of their new rate for the Iraqi Dinar. My crystal ball is broken but I have a hopeful hunch they will do like Kuwait did, all those years ago. Kuwait wanted to change their rate inside the country first, privately, for the citizens to enjoy and celebrate their advancement onto the international stage. After several days, the new rate went live, internationally on the FOREX for the whole world to see!”

Sun. 31 March Frank 26: “The Iraqi Minister of Finance is in Washington DC, but he’s not there to see the president of the United States.  He’s there to deal with the exchange rate of their country, not with the American dollar.”

Wed. 27 March Banker: The latest message to all Regional Currency Exchange Managers is to advise their specialists to be available for duty in the week following Easter Weekend. All requirements have been satisfied Globally and announcements will occur in the forthcoming week.

Tues. 2 April 2024 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#:

Tier4b can expect emails to set appointments anywhere from Wed. 3 April at around 11 am EST to Fri. 5 April morning. A Wells Fargo Executive said the emails would be sent out sometime from Thurs. 4 April to Fri. 5 April morning. An encrypted message to Bruce from a big Source said the emails should go out within 1-2 days. Bond Holders were expecting emails to make them liquid anywhere from Wed. 3 April to Thurs. 4 April. Tier4b should go 12 hours after Bond Holders were liquid.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Frank26  Divide 1 by 1320 = .00075758.  If you take the decimal point and you move it over three spaces they you have .76 cents.  3 zeros = $0.76 …This is the easiest formula you can use.

Walkingstick  There’s nothing like the facts. Everything they’re telling the Iraqi citizens is a fact because it’s coming from the right sources.

Militia Man   When Iraq adjusts their exchange rate…all boats rise with the tide.  All those boats that own Iraqi dinar are going to rise.  The United States is going to be part of that process with the Development Road project.  See how cheap it’s going to be to build that country by raising the value because they have a real effective exchange rate?  You can see where the deals are going to be made.  It’s going to be phenomenal.

We’re On the Cusp of Civil War and WW3; “Facing Real Risk,” Warns Pentagon Advisor

Daniela Cambone:  4-1-2024

“We’re on the cusp of either a civil war or World War III. We don’t have to go there, but that is what we’re facing as very real risks,” warns Kevin Freeman, host of Economic War Room.

In the conversation with Daniela Cambone, Freeman lays out five undeniable truths from his book “Pirate Money.,” including our perilous national debt and the fading dominance of the U.S. dollar.

 “The currency has a date and an expiration date on it… other nations are working toward that end as we speak.”

 He also advises every individual to have the option of having transactional gold and silver in addition to their physical holdings of U.S. dollars in the bank.


 00:00 National debt

 3:14 Could Americans handle debt?

4:50 BRICS

9:20 The possibility of China and Indian currencies

 12:34 Inflation

15:16 How far are we from riots?

17:00 Election

 20:11 CBDC

25:50 Crisis looming

 28:33 Money is changing

 29:50 Gold/silver

34:11 Gold confiscation

 37:27 WW3