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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 5 June 2024

Compiled Wed. 5 June 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Judy Note: Overnight Monday 3 June 2024 $517,000,000,000 in unrealized losses surfaced in 63 US Banks and pushed them toward the brink of insolvency. By Sun. 9 June 2024 the Petrodollar would end – all of which was expected to trigger a Global Financial Crisis by early next week.


On Sun. 9 June 2024 Black Swan Event Expected as the Petrodollar Ends and Global Financial System implodes since there was no longer a need for nations to hold US Treasuries as the Global World Reserve Asset in oil trade. The U.S. Treasury bond market is funded off the World needing dollar reserves aka bank derivatives (off balance sheet dollars). When the Petrodollar ends on June 9th, there is no need for the world to hold U.S. Treasuries as the global world reserve asset in the oil trade. The Japanese Yen will hyper-inflate against their U.S. Treasury holdings. Japan will be forced to liquidate all their dollars

Global Currency Reset:  (Rumors/Opinions )

Tues. 4 June 2024 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#

Tomorrow Wed. 5 June the new currency rates should be fixed.

Bruce’s Source in Iraq spoke with PM Sidani – he said rates on Dinar were handed over to the official record and would show up Wed. 5 June as a fixed rate.

On Wed. 5 June the Iraqi Gazette should publish the new Iraqi Dinar Rate and we could begin our exchanges – likely on Thurs. 6 June.


Tues. 4 June Wolverine: “Get ready everyone as we are about to reach this new World.”

The “Bondholder” expects to be paid his commission tomorrow Wed. 5 June. Liquid Thursday 6 June.

My friend Mauricio is having event in Mexico starting around June 8th, not that far off to celebrate this incredible blessing and also give people all the info they need for Nesara/Gesara. What does that mean? If he is having an event, it means IMO that he probably got paid or will get probably be paid before he goes to Mexico.  Having an event as big as that means something!

I have been told by various sources that certain operations will start in Brazil today Tues 4 June, and hopefully will get this done by tomorrow Wed. 5 June. I am trying to see if that is happening and hopefully received that Green Light from Brazil.

Tomorrow Wed. 5 June, I hear that Reno starts.  As you know, high bondholders are getting paid, some have been waiting now for 48 hours for their payment.  Everything is happening and I think this is the week we have been waiting for. 

The Pentecostal group sent out a message that they are ready to get things started.  She must be careful as she has been targeted by unscrupulous people, but she has top lawyers to take care of this matter. She sent out an intel that she is basically ready to get this done. Her other leaders sent out an emotional message saying that “The time of waiting is over.  We are finally here!” This came from one of the top leaders in that platform.

I am sure Bruce will have something. He has not been for the last two calls. Where is Bruce? I know he has gone blind. I am not sure what is going on with his vision.  If you can all pray for Bruce so he can get well, and hopefully get access to the Medbeds.  So all your intel providers: MarkZ can barely walk, Bruce can’t see, Wolverine can’t hear, and Charlie Ward with a certain illness, but we will not give up on you guys.

If I get that Green Light from Brazil and all is flowing, then I will have an emergency live call to celebrate, as it will be the official start for us. Hopefully, Reno will start tomorrow Wed. 5 June. Just get ready and hopefully I will get that call through. Take care, Wolverine

Tues. 4 June AAGabriel: “The US four code masters are waiting for the call to put in the codes. Estimated two days to complete the remaining funding transactions. The timing of when to send out notifications is up to the readiness of the staff and the Redemption Center locations. Could be any day now. Maybe Thursday 6 June 2024.”

Tues. 4 June Banker “Well folks, the information I have rec’ed today indicates a number of the large bondholder paymasters have been invited to Reno to begin exchanging their bond portfolios over the next 24 to 48 hour window.  We are then scheduled to begin receiving notification to begin scheduling appointments.  I have this info from three sources and am waiting confirmation from the banker, hopefully tonight or early AM Wed. 5 June 2024.”

Tues. 4 June 2024 Ron D.  “I called William the VP at Bank Note World and 100 Trillions.  He told me he is only allowed to sell $1000 a day per customer of Dong and Dinar.  I asked him who regulates him and he told me the US Treasury.  Ask yourself why would the US Treasury regulate a company that only sells collectible currencies?  I asked him why currencies like the Digitals increased in price ten hold over the past few days?  He told me they can no longer buy new uncirculated currencies (read into that).  He still gets circulated currency.  He told me the 100T Zim is now $300 for uncirculated and he is not sure if he can get anymore uncirculated ones. This can only mean Countries are no longer printing and selling new currency and that makes total sense with the RV coming and currencies switching over to asset backed.  Keep in mind he is really limited on what he can really tell me (wink and nod).”

Tues. 4 June 2024 Salty Mountain: “We know we should go to a redemption center. I am a business owner and a long time ago, we had to have a Tier 1 bank for large merchant account deposits.  I have been a Private Client of Chase for years. I have an assigned banker, which changed 19 months ago. When we first met, I asked her some basic questions about RV. She knew nothing. Over time, I tried to make conversation and tried to politely ask currency questions. About 8 months pass,  and suddenly the banker is curious and starts asking me questions.  She started asking her Superiors the questions i asked her. Since then, every time she sees me, she wants to see what i know. I do the same to her and on we share information. Recently she went through training on Foreign Currency.  About a month ago, she called me and asked me formally if I would be exchanging with Chase. She was putting together some form of “priority” clients for the exchange.  She asked about my currencies, knowing I had Zim and she mentioned they would not be exchanging all my currencies and I would have to go to a RC. I already knew this, but we been using each other for info for months….I have helped her more than she has helped me, but she always gets me the answers I seek. I also opened another business account at a credit union about 15 months ago and have been tapering Chase off.  Recently, she accidentally told me where my Redemption Center is.”

Mon. 3 June 2024 TNT Tony: “All banks were on HIGH, HIGH alert starting Sunday night 2 June through Thursday morning 6 June. They said by Thursday morning definitely, you are going to have people walking in your door, a bunch of brand new customers. Banks have pending rates and some are saying we are waiting right now to be notified of the release of the 800 numbers. The Federal Reserve said they were called in on Mon. 3 June to be at their desks. They are passing out money in Iraq and activating projects. Everyone I talk to say they are trying to go anytime now. We are there. The rates are good. Everyone is excited. So I hope you guys are ready.”

On Mon. Evening 3 June 2024 the Iraqi Parliament finally passed their budget with the new Iraqi Dinar International Rate in it.

Mon. 3 June MarkZ: “The Iraqi Parliament passed the budget today. Folks are geared up for this week. I have been told by a number of them that they are ready and positioned.”

Tues. 4 June 2024: BREAKING: $517,000,000,000 in Unrealized Losses Hit US Banking System, FDIC Says 63 Lenders on Brink of Insolvency – American Media Group (

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

GameofPatience  So the budget is approved at the present dinar value of 1,310, that’s not a rate change. It will be interesting to see what happens next.  The only way to change/revise a law is to amend it. So they would need to Amend the 2024 budget sometime later to change the currency value.

Militia Man  Article quote: “What is the impact of the use of electronic payments on the Iraqi dinar?   The electronic payment process will contribute to the government in withdrawing the cash mass available to the public.”  It’s in black and white…This isn’t something that’s new.  This was February 25th…They’ve been working on this for quite some time…1.6 trillion is a big deal.  It’s an affirmation they have been on track to do what? …reduce the note counts.  They’ve done that.

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