OPC Completes Rehabilitation of Baiji to Kirkuk Pipeline

OPC Completes Rehabilitation of Baiji to Kirkuk Pipeline

Iraq’s Oil Pipeline Company announced the completion of restoration work on the 12-kilometer petroleum products pipeline connecting Baiji to Kirkuk.

The General Manager, Ali Abdul Kareem Al-Mousawi, revealed that the company’s technical and engineering staff successfully rebuilt the pipeline after it was shut down in 2014 owing to ISIS terrorist actions in the region.

Pumping petroleum products to the new Kirkuk Oil Depot has restarted concurrently with the functioning of the Northern Refinery in Bayji and the expanded refining capacity of

Al-Mousawi stated that the pipeline supports the transfer of white petroleum products (gasoline, kerosene, and gas oil) from the Northern Refinery / Samood Refinery (Bayji) to the Kirkuk Depot via the Bayji pumping station, which has a capacity of 4 to 6 million liters per day.

This secures the delivery of petroleum products to Kirkuk province’s population, districts, sub-districts, and northern provinces, while also activating pipeline pumping capacity and relieving strain on tanker transport.

Maintenance work at the Bayji pumping station includes upgrading pumping systems with appropriate connections, mechanical and electrical work, meter installation, and new control systems for medium-pressure pumps (KV 6.6 / 320KW).

Additionally, pumps were erected at the Northern Refinery to provide flexibility and ease operating bottlenecks, allowing petroleum products to be pumped to the company’s central storage.