Parliament pospones General Amnesty and Oil & Gas Laws to Next Legislative Year


On Sunday, the Parliamentary Legal Committee announced the postponement of the readings and approval of the General Amnesty and Oil & Gas laws to the next legislative year.

A committee member named Ahmed Fawaz stated that the General Amnesty and Oil & Gas laws are important legislations that require political consensus and agreement before being added to the Parliament’s agenda.

He clarified that the General Amnesty law requires an environment within the Parliamentary Legal Committee for its members to review and approve it first. After approval, the law will be sent to the Presidency of the Parliament to be included in the legislative agenda.

Fawaz explained that due to the legislative break, the Parliament is unable to approve the General Amnesty law within the current timeframe. Therefore, the discussion and approval of the General Amnesty, Oil & Gas, and other laws will be postponed to the new legislative session of the upcoming legislative year.