Parliamentary Finance expects the 2024 budget schedules to arrive next week

Parliamentary Finance expects the 2024 budget schedules to arrive next week

The top of the relative Money Board of trustees, Atwan Al-Atwani, said today, Saturday, that the government spending plan plans for the year 2024 will arrive at the advisory group one week from now.

An assertion of the council, a duplicate of which got, expressed: ” It facilitated, headed by Atwan Al-Atwani and within the sight of its individuals, the Pastor of Correspondences, Hiam Al-Yasiri, today, to examine ways of propelling the truth of the correspondences area in Iraq, and raise the degree of administrations gave to residents, due to this straightforwardly affecting monetary turn of events.” “.

He added, “The gathering talked about the most noticeable issues confronting the service’s work, and the chance of furnishing it with the fundamental help, to carry out the arrangements of the taxpayer supported initiative connected with the interchanges area.”

Al-Atwani pushed “the need of propelling the correspondences area and creating electronic administrations, focusing on the perception of the Parliamentary Money Board to survey what has been executed, as specified in Section 17 of the Government Spending plan Regulation (2023-2025) with respect to expanding interchanges incomes and working on the nature of administrations,” adding “We depend a ton on the Service of Interchanges to be the second monetary asset for the state after oil.”

He pushed “the need of computerized change in all areas, including customs and ports, and this requires getting and further developing the Network access, ceaselessly and without interference, in a way that is proportionate with the public authority’s undertaking to mechanize these areas and sabotage the source for debasement,” noticing that “facilitating likewise comes to distinguish the service’s necessities.” ” in preparation for inclusion in the budget tables for 2024, which the Finance Committee is expected to receive next week.

Al-Atwani said that he would “adopt the demands and proposals put forward by the Minister before the Finance Committee, including providing the necessary financial allocations to develop communications infrastructure, ensuring the expansion of port gates in light of the increasing demand for this service, in addition to purchasing advanced devices to block websites targeting Iraqi society, as well as Giving the Ministry the authority to collect fees for commercial advertisements on social media sites and prosecute violators.” Al-Atwani also said that he would “adopt

Al-Atwani and the individuals focused “the need of finishing the moves toward change Iraq into a worldwide market for moving Web limit by drawing in clients, after the submarine link administration entered the business activity stage, which carries critical incomes to the state.”