Parliamentary Finance: The region’s share in the budget is still unclear

Parliamentary Finance: The region’s share in the budget is still unclear

Individual from the Parliamentary Money Panel, Mustafa Al-Karawi, affirmed today, Wednesday, that the area’s portion in the 2024 spending plan is as yet muddled.

“There are many comments on the budget tables, including the region’s share, which is still unclear,” Al-Karaawi stated.

He added, “The spending plan tables didn’t specify how to gather the sums owed by the area, notwithstanding the tables that the Place of Agents decided on didn’t make sense of exhaustively the district’s monetary duty.”

He made sense of that “the 2024 spending plan isn’t reliable with the monetary and financial circumstance that the nation is confronting on the grounds that it incorporates high spending,

what’s more, the Place of Agents decided on the tables of the Government General Financial plan Regulation No. ( 13) of 2024, with its estimates, annexes, and deficit financing tables approved.

The authority to transfer two trillion dinars from investment budget allocations to ministries and add them to regional development allocations for governorates that are not organized into regions was granted to the Council of Ministers. These allocations would be distributed in accordance with each governorate’s population ratio and poverty rate.

This vote was required with the complaint of various delegates who saw that the exchange sum was not restricting on the public authority, and that the choice to pass it was a choice Strategically and there is civility, as per what they say.