Parliamentary Integrity: Foreign oil companies violate Iraqi laws

Parliamentary Integrity: Foreign oil companies violate Iraqi laws

An individual from the Parliamentary Honesty Board, Ahmed Taha Al-Rubaie, censured the unmistakable lawful infringement committed by organizations working in the oil area in Basra by not supporting the authority identification.

Al-Rubaie said, in a meeting followed by that “the Wellbeing, Security and Climate Authority visa gave by the Basra Oil Organization and acquired by working Iraqis isn’t supported by the oil organizations working inside the permitting adjusts, despite the fact that the authority identification permits them to work.” ” Yet, it isn’t stuck to, particularly in the Rumaila field.” He brought up that “most organizations depend on oil licenses gave by the Rumaila Field Enlistment Authority or the West Qurna Field Working Power, Majnoon Field, or Zubair Field, and this grant is given by these bodies.”

He brought up that “Iraqi laborers find it hard to get a wellbeing identification gave by them, as it is troublesome and confounded and costs residents enormous amounts of cash because of the distance of these oil destinations from their places of home, notwithstanding the way that the most common way of acquiring the visa requires a few days of going this way and that to the locales of those organizations.”