Securing Energy Sovereignty through Khor Mor Gas Field

Securing Energy Sovereignty through Khor Mor Gas Field

ortifying Prospects: Getting Energy Power through the Kurdistan District’s Khor Mor Gas Field

In the midst of worldwide monetary difficulties, including worries over energy and food security, oil tasks in the Kurdistan Locale face a bunch of dangers enveloping security, political, lawful, monetary, and land factors.

In any case, inside these difficulties lie critical open doors for gaining by Kurdistan’s hydrocarbon potential and improving income streams. The new declaration by Dana Gas organization in regards to a half expansion in gas creation from the Khor Mor field since mid 2022 has carried restored regard for the locale, with the field being perceived as the biggest gas field in Iraq, and expecting to build its gas item to 750 million cubic feet each day before very long.

Throughout the course of recent years (2022-2024), the Khor Mor field has persevered through nine Katyusha and drone assaults by Iraqi local army gatherings, arranged in the Qadir Karam Sub-area inside the Chamchamal Region. This scholarly undertaking expects to enlighten the potential open doors and dangers to energy security in the Kurdistan District, giving bits of knowledge into the more extensive scene of oil activities in Kurdistan while additionally diving into the particulars of the Khor Mor Block.

It offers a viewpoint on the complicated connection between monetary thriving and political elements inside the new provincial security request.

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Bahrooz Jaafar holds a Ph.D. in Global Relations from Cyprus Worldwide College, Nicosia. He is the Organizer and Overseer of the Mediterranean Foundation for Territorial Examinations. Dr. Bahrooz’s exploration centers around energy security, energy international affairs, territorial request in the Center East and the Eastern Mediterranean, and progressing clashes in Iraq.