Some “BRICS News” Saturday 4-13-2024


BRICS new Members: BRICS to Triple Its Members

Fastepo:  4-13-2024

As many of you already know, The BRICS group, initially comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, expanded its membership on January 1, 2024, to include five new countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

 This expansion is a significant step for the BRICS as it not only increases the bloc’s geographical diversity and economic footprint but also enhances its strategic and geopolitical leverage.

However, the expansion of the bloc is set to continue, with additional countries queued up to join.

 Several nations have expressed interest in joining the BRICS alliance, reflecting the global appeal of this economic group. You might be curious about these countries. Who are they, what can they bring to the table, and what are the implications of their membership?

We explore these questions using the most current data available in this video.

BRICS driving gold & silver breakout? Feat. Dave Kranzler – LFTV Ep 168

Kinesis Money:  4-12-2024

In this week’s episode of Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire is joined once more by Dave Kranzler, publisher of the popular Mining Stock Journal, to analyse drivers behind the current physically-driven gold and silver bull run.

The precious metals experts take listeners through the current drivers of short-term market movements, including the possibility of unforeseen black swan events and the now beta-tested BRICS currency.


 00:00 Start

02:10 Gold mining stock example: Cabral Gold

06:30 Dave’s thoughts on silver

11:40 The physical market in the short-term

 19:00 Silver to break out?

28:30 The gold: silver ratio

 36:00 Rate cuts & commercial real estate

49:00 BRICS currency greenlighted and beta-tested