State of Law: America tampered with the file of depositing money from the sale of Iraqi oil

State of Law: America tampered with the file of depositing money from the sale of Iraqi oil

On Sunday, the leader of the State of Law coalition, Haider Al-Lami, accused the United States of America of bypassing political agreements related to depositing oil sales money in the Federal Bank. He stated that the changes implemented by Washington are equivalent to occupying the country.

In an interview with the [source], Al-Lami claimed that the United States brought ISIS militants into the country to alter existing security and strategic agreements to suit the interests of Washington better. Al-Lami further noted that the US has actively worked to modify various contracts on the military and security fronts.

During his speech, he mentioned several violations in the file regarding depositing funds from the sale of Iraqi oil. Instead of depositing the funds in Iraqi banks, they were deposited in the US Federal Bank. He also noted that there was internal opposition to the American presence, which led to rejection of many of the conditions and dictates that America wanted to impose.

According to Al-Lami, the United States of America interferes with the appointment of many senior positions, including overthrowing Abdul Mahdi’s government and bringing Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to power. The negative consequences of Al-Kadhimi’s government are still present. Al-Lami believes that the changes made by Washington to the security, political, and economic agreements are equivalent to the occupation of the country.

During an interview with the House of Representatives member, Jassim Al-Moussawi, he confirmed that there are several solutions to free Iraq from US control over the revenue generated from Iraqi oil sales. However, he also mentioned that adopting such a decision requires accepting the consequences that may arise from Washington.

The United States of America still exerts significant influence over Iraq in various crucial areas, such as the deposit of funds resulting from the sale of Iraqi oil in the US Federal Bank. This is accompanied by overt blackmail by leveraging various issues, most notably the dominance of the US dollar, which puts immense pressure on the Iraqi government.