State of Law: Keeping the Americans will not give the government a second term

State of Law: Keeping the Americans will not give the government a second term

Today, an individual from the Province of Regulation alliance, Saad Al-Muttalabi, condemned the public authority’s exhibition in managing the biggest political records worried about eliminating the Americans from Iraq, while affirming that the public authority is pursuing the Americans to win their approval to win a subsequent term.

Al-Muttalabi said in a proclamation to the “, that the Iraqi government is pursuing the Americans so it doesn’t have a problem with a second term for the Sudanese,” taking note of that “the Iraqi Committee of Delegates, which endorsed the ejection of the Americans from Iraq, is the one in particular that has the option to concede the Sudanese government another term or not.” This flirtation with politics is unnecessary.

He proceeded, “The choice to proclaim a highly sensitive situation and broaden it for an extra year, which Biden reported, didn’t appear unexpectedly and was really in concurrence with the Iraqi government,” focusing “the requirement for the Iraqi road to uncover what the public authority’s expectations are in this record, particularly after the remarkable gathering of the obstruction groups.”

Al-Muttalabi said, at the end of his speech, “The American presence was with the approval of the Iraqi government, and the extension of the stay was also promised by a government agreement.” He also said that the Iraqi people’s demands are his right and that the government should work for the people, not their enemy.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Resistance announced last Wednesday an extraordinary meeting to discuss the American and Turkish foreign presence in Iraq. This announcement came as the government’s truce, which it had granted, was about to expire amid a suspicious tone in this file.