Sudanese Advisor: The 2024 budget tables focus on investment spending

Sudanese Advisor: The 2024 budget tables focus on investment spending

Today, on Saturday, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, the prime minister’s finance advisor, reaffirmed that the 2024 budget tables prioritize investment expenditure for new projects.

In an interview, Saleh stated that “the Federal General Budget Law No. 13 of 2023 (the tripartite) stipulates the submission of schedules of public expenditures and revenues adapted according to the new fiscal year and its objective circumstances for the year 2024 for legal approval. The existing procedures for completing the public financial tables for the fiscal year 2024 in order to submit them to the legislative authority for approval and implementation immediately are only a response to that text.”

He stated that “the most important thing in these tables is determining the levels of investment spending on new projects, which is fundamental and fundamental spending in the movement of the national economy, as it is directly linked to the development and growth of the economy by providing objective conditions for the movement of government demand for supplies and inputs for investment in projects.” authorized for new.

He stated that “the demand for productive factors associated with government investment activity is essential in achieving the targeted level of growth in the annual gross domestic product and sustaining its momentum, in addition to its connection to the labor market and business and moving them in accordance with a climate required by the sustainability of the country’s economic development itself.”