The Baghdad dollar ends its week near 152.5.. The money changers felt “the tension has ended” with the Americans


The US dollar’s exchange rates ended the week steady on Thursday night, hovering around 152.5 thousand dinars for every $100 note. This level of stability has persisted for almost two weeks, in part because market observers were bullish about “the disappearance of the specter of security tension” between Washington and Iraq.

This evening, the direct selling prices per note at the major exchange businesses and their offices in the Baghdad districts varied from 152,400 to 153,500 dinars, while the purchasing prices ranged from 152,200 to 151,500 dinars.

The following currency rates were available at exchange company offices in Baghdad areas:

Al-Kifah – Al-Shorja
Sale: 152,400
Buy: 152.200
Sale: 152,500
Buy: 152.100
Al-Adl District – Al-Rabie Street
Sale: 152,750
Buy: 152.250
Sale: 153,500
Buy: 151,500
Sale: 153,500
Buy: 151,500
Sadr City – Orfali
Sale: 153,500
Buy: 151,500