The Imam of Khorasan, Imam Khamenei: The bombing of Gaza must be stopped immediately and the oil export route to the Zionist entity must be closed.

The Imam of Khorasan, Imam Khamenei The bombing of Gaza must be stopped immediately and the oil export route to the Zionist entity must be closed.

Imam Ali Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, referred to the crimes being committed in Gaza and the current events taking place in the Palestinian territories. He emphasized that the arena is not one between Gaza and “Israel” but rather one between right and wrong, and he emphasized the need to immediately halt the aggression and bombing of Gaza and close the road. We were supplying food and oil to the Zionist organization.

During a reception on Wednesday morning at the Husseiniya of “Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him),” the Leader of the revolution addressed a crowd of students and university students from different parts of the country. The speech was delivered on the eve of November 4, which marks Student Day and the National Day for Combating World Arrogance.

The people of Gaza were able to stir the conscience of humanity through their unwavering patience.

With reference to the recent events in Gaza, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution declared, “The arena is not the arena of Gaza and “Israel.” On the contrary, it is the ring of truth and falsity, the ring of hubris and faith. Of course, military pressure, bombings, natural calamities, and criminal activity are all results of hubris, he said, but with God’s assistance, you will triumph over all of this.

He emphasized that the people of Gaza were able to stir the human conscience with their patience. He pointed out that even in Western countries, such as Britain, France, Italy, and many American states, people come together in large crowds to protest against “Israel” and America. The reputation of those who support the Zionist entity has been tarnished. They have no justification or remedy for their actions. Therefore, it isn’t brilliant for someone to suggest that Iran is behind the demonstrations in Britain in support of the Palestinian people. He sarcastically asked, “Did Iran also organize the London and Paris rallies?”

The Islamic Revolution’s Leader declared: “The Islamic world must never forget that America, France, and Britain were the ones who stood against Islam and the oppressed Palestinian people in the crucial Gaza issue.” The Islamic world must remember to include the oppressed Palestinian people as well as the Zionist organization while conducting its negotiations, calculations, and assessments.

Regarding Western portrayals of Palestinian resistance fighters as terrorists, His Eminence stated: “One of the true impudences displayed by Western politicians and media today is their portrayal of Palestinian resistance fighters as terrorists who defend their homes and homeland.”

*Islamic governments ought to categorically denounce the crimes committed by the Zionist organization.

His Eminence said, “We have no doubt that God has fulfilled His promise, and you should not allow the negative ideas of those who do not believe in God’s promise to weaken your resolve and willpower.” God willing, the Palestinian people’s allies will soon achieve the ultimate triumph.

His Eminence emphasized, saying: Islamic states have to demand that atrocities in Gaza stop right once and that no supplies or oil be exported to the Zionist organization.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution declared: “Islamic governments should refrain from economic cooperation with the Zionist entity and condemn these tragedies and crimes in all international fora with unwavering conviction and conviction.” Puns should not be used by the same few speakers in Islamic and Arab gatherings; it should be obvious what is being said. The Islamic world as a whole ought to unite against the Zionist organization and denounce it.

His Eminence stated the following on the irreversible blow the Zionist entity experienced at the hands of the Palestinian resistance during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood: “The Zionist entity is astonished by the irreversible damage it suffered while lying to its people about its prisoners.” I have stated it previously, and I will repeat it: representatives of the Zionist organization have steadily shown that they are unable to make up for the damage they suffered.

*Without US assistance, the Zionist organization would become incapacitated in a matter of days.

The Islamic Revolution’s Leader went on: “Now, the Zionist entity is confused, helpless, and lying to its people.” The claim that they are worried about their detainees being held by Palestinian resistance fighters is likewise untrue. Their hostages may perish as a result of the bombing operations they conduct. By seeming concerned for their inmates, they are lying to their people, and their lack of ingenuity is the reason for their dishonesty.

He stated: At this point, the Zionist organization is bewildered and under pressure. It is still determining what to do and acts only on command. This indicates that he is working without understanding. Without American assistance, the Zionist organization would undoubtedly become incapacitated in a matter of days.

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, according to His Eminence, showed how a small group with limited resources and skills but with unwavering faith and resolve can destroy the results of years of the enemy’s illegal efforts, release it into the air in smoke in a matter of hours, and humiliate the haughty and spoiled governments of the world. Both the usurping entity and its defenders were degraded by the Palestinians.