The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announces the success of negotiations with America and the agreement to form a “supreme military committee”

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announces the success of negotiations with America and the agreement to form a “supreme military committee”

The completion of the discussions with the United States and the formation of a “supreme military committee” to establish a precise timeline for the duration of the international coalition advisers’ deployment in Iraq were announced by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

In a statement obtained by, the ministry stated that “the Iraqi government announces, in agreement with the government of the United States of America, the success of the ongoing negotiation rounds between the two sides, which began in August 2023 and ended with the necessity of launching a new initiative in line with the growing capacity and efficiency of the Iraqi forces” in fulfillment of its national obligations. At the working group level, the Higher Military Committee (HMC) evaluates the danger posed by ISIS, operational needs, situational awareness, and the need to strengthen the capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces.

“Format a specific and clear timetable that specifies the duration of the international coalition’s advisors in Iraq, begin the deliberate gradual reduction of its advisors on Iraqi soil, end the military mission of the coalition against ISIS, and move to comprehensive bilateral relations with the coalition countries, politically, economically, culturally, and security-wise,” she said, referring to the purpose of this agreement. “And military, consistent with the vision of the Iraqi government.”

“We particularly mention the strategic framework agreement that regulates comprehensive relations between Iraq and the United States of America and reflects the common desire for cooperation between the two sides in a way that achieves the interests of the two countries, and contributes to strengthening Iraq’s regional and international role, in a manner befitting its historical status and building the best relations with the international community in service,” the ministry continued in its statement. “For the goals and welfare of the people of Iraq.”

“The two sides express their support for the committee’s work, facilitating its tasks and refraining from anything that obstructs or delays its work,” the Ministry said in continuing. It is in the national interest to uphold the committee’s work plan and ensure that it accomplishes its goals while also supporting the stability of Iraq and the surrounding area. The government demands that this committee’s work not be stopped, faltered at, or interrupted, and that it strive to avoid interfering with Iraq’s stability in order to forward certain objectives.

She emphasized that “Iraq reaffirms its commitment to preserving stability and preventing escalation, as well as to the safety of the international coalition’s advisors during the negotiation period in all parts of the country.” Additionally, the government affirms that it welcomes this agreement and views it as a commitment to upholding its program and the promises it made to the public.

This morning, a US State Department spokesman confirmed that Washington and Baghdad were “close” to reaching an agreement to start the Supreme Military Committee’s work in order to prepare for the US-led International Coalition to Defeat ISIS’s mission to become bilateral relations.

“We are looking forward to moving forward with (the formation of) the Higher Military Commission (or HMC for short), because it reflects the United States’ deep commitment to regional stability and Iraqi sovereignty,” the spokesperson told the Al-Hurra website. This was said in August 2023.

“The United States and Iraq are close to agreeing on the opening of the Supreme Military Committee dialogue,” the official continued. This announcement was made earlier in August.