The President of the Republic: There is no dollar crisis in Iraq

The President of the Republic: There is no dollar crisis in Iraq

Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid denied the existence of a “dollar crisis” in his country and asserted that American forces would not return.

Rashid stated in a TV interview that the Federal Supreme Court based its decision to terminate the Speaker of the House of Representatives’ membership on the law. He noted that Al-Halbousi accepted the decision.

The President of Iraq stated that a new phase has begun to elect a candidate from among the members of Parliament to fill the seat of Speaker of Parliament. Currently, there is a first deputy and a second deputy Speaker of Parliament to manage matters. The President emphasized that these are everyday things in a democratic atmosphere.

Regarding the economic situation, the Iraqi President emphasized the need to attract investments from friendly countries during his recent visits to Azerbaijan and Armenia.

He said, “The security situation in Iraq has significantly improved, which positively impacts the economy. In the past, the instability of security severely affected the economy. We are ready to implement the government’s program to improve infrastructure in all areas, such as energy, water, housing, roads, and bridges.”

He continued, “Our focus is on providing services to the Iraqi people, as the country has suffered long-standing neglect. The government is taking serious steps to improve education, health, agriculture, and other fields. We encourage cooperation with investors to start energy, water, and agricultural projects, especially since Iraq’s budget is now better than before.”

In response to concerns about a dollar crisis in Iraq, Rashid clarified that there is no crisis but rather fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate.

Recently, Iraqi markets were open to foreign currency, which did not help the Iraqi dinar. Therefore, measures were taken to strengthen the dinar and control the market.

The President of Iraq emphasized that the economy of the country is in good shape, both on a general and individual level. However, he also mentioned that there are issues with unemployment and other related problems. The President expressed hope that the situation will improve and urged the private sector to play its part in providing job opportunities, especially for university graduates.

In a separate context, Rashid emphasized that American troops will not return to Iraq. He noted that the joint agreements between Baghdad and Washington require cooperation in combating extremist groups.

Rashid stated that there are agreements with the US and the international coalition, and their main focus is training the Iraqi security forces and fighting ISIS in border areas.

The President of Iraq stated, “We feel pain as we witness the tragedy that the Palestinian people are experiencing,” in reference to the Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip. We denounce the continuous violence directed at the Gaza population as well as the child deaths. We call for a halt to hostilities and the ongoing pursuit of diplomatic solutions to resolve the Palestinian issue as a whole.

He continued, saying, “We are in Iraq on both a popular and governmental level, and we have always supported the Palestinian people for the presidency of the republic.”

He said, “We support the Palestinian people achieving all their rights, including the establishment of their independent state as stipulated in United Nations resolutions.”