The region is saturated with an explosive budget.. Since when is “Laqmat al-Sayyad” Kurdish?

The region is saturated with an explosive budget.. Since when is “Laqmat al-Sayyad” Kurdish?

The southerners gained from the Sumerians to fish to live on the tissue of fish in the waterways and swamps, and to give a respectable life to themselves and their kids. We have not known about a Kurd in that frame of mind of Iraq who is more gifted than a southerner in this calling, and each standard has its special cases in this. Then the most noticeable thing that recognizes an angler during eating What he got was a most loved piece called the “angler’s piece,” which was boneless and tasted the most gorgeous of all the meat in the fish.

But in the 2024 spending plan, the territorial government obviously succeeded in a brilliant fishing technique through which it had the option to harvest 12-17% of the Iraqi cash fish, and this rate is the very thing that we called “the angler’s nibble,” a round that the Kurds won with the endorsement of the middle or despite its desire to the contrary.

*Low revenues Moin Al-Kadhimi, a member of the House of Representatives’ Finance Committee, disclosed that, excluding governing and sovereign expenses, the region will receive 12.67 percent of the 2024 budget.

Al-Kadhimi said in an explanation to the “, “The local government simply gave more than 85 billion to Baghdad in non-oil incomes, which is a sum that isn’t relative to the genuine incomes,” taking note of that “the district’s portion of the financial plan added up to 12.67, of the genuine use of the financial plan, which is barred.” ” expenses of the government and sovereign.”

He proceeds, “The locale isn’t straightforward with the Baghdad government, and there is critical oil carrying, notwithstanding the inability to control line intersections and rebelliousness with General Traditions Authority charges, which enormously influences the nation’s economy,” bringing up that “the provincial government’s absence of straightforwardness with Baghdad isn’t to its greatest advantage.” ” It will set her back a ton.”

Al-Kadhimi closed by saying: ” The focal government in Baghdad should screen crafted by the boundary intersections in the area occasionally by sending boards of trustees to review and review those intersections and figure out the passage expenses for materials into Iraq.”

Likewise, an individual from the Territory of Regulation alliance, Saad Al-Muttalabi, uncovered the locale’s portion of the 2024 financial plan, while affirming that it is the biggest “unstable spending plan” throughout the entire existence of the district, portraying it as hazardous.

Al-Muttalabi said in an explanation to the ” “The district’s financial plan during the current year is the most noteworthy in its set of experiences, as it arrived at over 17% of the general financial plan, which sums 211 trillion dinars,” noticing that “the locale’s compensations are paid straightforwardly from Baghdad at a pace of 70%.” , of the locale’s spending plan, and 30% that nobody has very much insight into.”

He goes on to say, “The political blocs in the House of Representatives voted on the budget tables and witnessed no objection other than from independent representatives, which means that the political blocs are involved in increasing the region’s share in exchange for a reward and large projects,” noting that “the political blocs are involved in granting the region an explosive budget.” Due to their decision on the financial plan and its section.”

Al-Muttalabi deduces in a new proclamation: ” Ammending the timetables by the public authority and conceding the district an unstable spending plan, trailed by help from the political alliances by deciding on them, shows that the public authority and ideological groups are engaged with this unreasonable monetary conveyance.”

While Jihad Hassan, a former member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, stated that the region’s share in the year 2024 amounted to 20 trillion and 900 billion dinars, an increase estimated at 4 trillion and 210 billion dinars, it is noteworthy that the region’s share in the budget for 2023 was 16 trillion and 690 billion dinars.