“Tidbits From TNT” Sunday Morning 9-24-2023



Tishwash:  Deposit of 250 billion dinars by Rafidain Bank into the account of the Ministry of Finance of the Kurdistan Region

Deposit of 250 billion dinars by Rafidain Bank into the account of the Ministry of Finance of the Kurdistan Region

The Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government announced, on Sunday, that Rafidain Bank had deposited a financial sum of 250 billion dinars into its account to finance the salaries of employees and workers in the public sector in the region.

The ministry said in a statement today that a short while ago, an amount of 250 billion dinars was deposited through the Rafidain Bank in the bank account of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Region in the Erbil branch of the Central Bank of Iraq.  link

CandyKisses:  More than 22 Jordanian companies participate in Baghdad International Fair

Economy News _ Baghdad

The number of Jordanian industrial companies that will participate in the 47th Baghdad International Fair in early November on Sunday reached 25 companies operating in various industrial sectors, according to the latest data on the Jordan Enterprise Development and Export CompanyExport House“.

Registration for the exhibition, which will be held in early November, is still open to interested companies.

TheExport House” company indicated that the Jordanian participation in the exhibition, which lasts for 10 days, works in various industrial sectors, the most important of which are food, chemical, construction, plastic, in addition to packaging.

The company, which is organizing for the first time the Jordanian participation in the exhibition, explained that the Jordanian pavilion will be built on an area of up to 350 square meters.

The Baghdad International Fair is a government land belonging to the Ministry of Commerce specialized in organizing exhibitions and conferences and holding international events and festivals, and it is held annually on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair, while specialized exhibitions are organized by private sector companies affiliated with the Baghdad Fair under the auspices and support of the Iraqi Government, and many countries display their products and services.

It is noteworthy that the Jordanian government, represented by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, registered in 2019, a company under the name of “Jordan Enterprise and Export Development House“, “Export House”, in partnership with the private sector with a capital of 899 thousand Jordanian dinars, where the share of the private sector’s contribution constitutes 51%, while the government’s contribution constitutes 49%.

She pointed out the importance of participating in the exhibition to maintain the presence of Jordanian products within the Iraqi market and open new marketing outlets for them, in addition to introducing visitors to the exhibition from the participating countries of the high quality reached by the national industry.

Jordan’s national exports to Iraq increased during the first half of this year to record an increase of 7% compared to the same period last year.

National exports to Iraq accounted for 6% of the total national exports during the first half of this year, which amounted to 4.198 billion dinars.

At the level of the Arab trade area, Iraq accounted for 18% of the Kingdom’s total exports within the list of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area countries, which amounted to 1.460 billion dinars.

According to data issued by the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Jordan exports to Iraq more than 300 national products, including soap, detergents and fertilizers, electrical wires and conductors, medicines and antibiotics, clothing, and food industries.

In previous statements by its president, Fathi Al-Jaghbeer, the Chamber expected that the volume of trade exchange will exceed the barrier of two billion dollars during the coming period, due to the ownership of the industry


Tishwash:  Iran and Iraq are discussing the implementation of agreements signed in the field of communications

Yesterday, Saturday, the Iranian ambassador to Baghdad, Muhammad Kazem Al-Sadiq, praised the achievements of the agreements with Iraq, pointing to an agreement in the field of communications that contributed to reducing the costs of phone calls for Iranian visitors.

Iranian media, followed by Al-Iqtisad News, reported that “the Iranian ambassador to Iraq discussed with the Minister of Communications, Hiyam Al-Yasiri, the mechanisms for implementing the agreements signed between Tehran and Baghdad in the field of communications.”

She added, “In the meeting, the Iranian ambassador touched on the successful reception by the Iraqi government and people of the Arba’een visitors,” noting that “this cooperation, especially by the Iraqi Ministry of Communications, with the Iranian parties in serving the Arba’een visitors is a clear example of commitment to the agreements between the two countries.”

According to Iranian media, Communications Minister Hiyam Al-Yasiri announced Iraq’s readiness to implement the agreements between the authorities of the two countries as soon as possible.

According to the Iranian side, providing communications, Internet and data facilities, as well as reducing the costs of phone calls for Iranian visitors, are among the achievements of the agreements of the two parties in order to better hold the Arbaeen ceremonies.   link