“Tidbits From TNT” Thursday 10-12-2023



CandyKisses: Parliament moves to hold the governor of the Central Bank and bank managers accountable for the dollar crisis

Baghdad – Iraq Today:

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that next week bank managers and the governor of the Central Bank will be hosted to discuss the dollar crisis.

Committee member Mustafa al-Karawi said in a press statement that “the parliamentary finance committee intends to host the governor of the Central Bank and bank managers to discuss the dollar file and the crisis caused by its rise.”

Al-Karawi added that “the hosting will include a discussion of the reasons for non-compliance with the reform packages and the measures taken earlier to control the dollar exchange rate.” He pointed out that “the features of the new plans to control the dollar file will be determined after hosting those concerned in this matter.”

Tishwash:  Al-Sudani returns to Baghdad after a visit to Moscow

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani concluded a visit to the Russian capital, Moscow, which he visited yesterday, Tuesday.

Al-Sudani’s office said in a brief statement that the Prime Minister returns to the capital, Baghdad, after concluding his official visit to the Russian capital, Moscow.

The Sudanese held discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which dealt with political, economic and security issues in the region.   link


Tishwash:  Parliamentary Energy: Work is continuing towards passing the oil and gas law

 Member of the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee, Suhaila Al-Sultani, confirmed on Thursday that work is continuing by the government and political parties in order to resolve the oil and gas law, overcome obstacles, and give priority to the public interest to move towards legislating the law within Parliament.

Al-Sultani told Al-Maalouma, “There is ongoing work between the various political parties to resolve the oil and gas law file, finalize it, and hand it over to the House of Representatives in order to include it on the agenda of one of the sessions for the purpose of discussion, reading, and voting.”

She added, “The Al-Sadiqoun bloc and other representatives have agreed on the importance of passing this law because it guarantees the fair distribution of wealth to all Iraqis and the protection of this wealth from any influences.”  link


CcandyKisses:  The dollar will be reduced in Iraq. New government project unveiled for trade with 3 countries


Today, Wednesday, the State of Law Coalition revealed a new government project related to trade exchange between Iraq and three countries, while clarifying America’s position on that, between its impact on the dollar.

The leader of the coalition, Jassim Mohammed, said in an interview with the agency / Information /, that “there is a new government project to adopt currencies other than the dollar to deal with several countries, including China, Iran and Russia,” stressing that “this project, if applied correctly, will work to reduce the demand for dollars in the Iraqi markets.”

He added, “The project to create a currency for exchange between Iraq and these countries will greatly affect the dollar and will lead to a decline in its prices,” stressing that “the current rise in dollar exchange rates in Iraq will not be able to be reduced by any party, whether the central bank or others, as long as the demand for it is high.” .

Regarding America’s position on the new project, Muhammad explained, “America has no relationship with this project, and it does not matter whether or not it agrees to the project to create a currency other than the dollar for Iraqi commercial transactions, provided that there is a will from Iraq and these countries.”

The leader of Al-Maliki’s coalition stated, “Iraq is required to believe in this issue and adopt this project during the coming period, and the need to overcome the stage of fear and anxiety about the results.”

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Mohamed Shia al-Sudani said his country is ready to join the BRICS group, noting that he discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin a wide range of economic issues, including the use of the Iraqi dinar and the Russian ruble in trade transactions between the two countries.

The Parliamentary Planning Committee has confirmed that the continuation of the crisis of the rise in the dollar exchange rate is contrived aimed at harming the Iraqi economy, while pointing to the existence of hidden hands used by the American side as a pressure card to embarrass the government through the dollar file

She explained that “even though political confusion occurred over this law, the law is one of the very important laws for the Iraqi people, and the public interest requires that it be passed within Parliament through consensus among the representatives.”