“Tidbits From TNT” Wednesday Morning 10-4-2023



Tishwash:  80 Iranian companies organize an exhibition in Iraq

Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Trade Zones in Iran, Hojjallah Abdul Maliki, announced on Wednesday that 80 companies will participate in the Iranian exhibition held in Sulaymaniyah Governorate in northern Iraq, with the aim of introducing their products to economic activists there.

Accordingto the Iranian Fars News Agency, Abdul Maliki considered, at theopening ceremony of the Iranian exhibition in Sulaymaniyah, thateconomic cooperation between Kurdistan and Iran is of great importancefor achieving economic progress in the region. He pointed out that “theparticipating Iranian companies will present, through the exhibition, their products at a price and quality suitable for Kurdistan merchants. ” .

On the other hand, Abdul Maliki announced the launch of the “Bana and Mariwan” border free trade zone with Iraq in the coming days, describing it as a good investment opportunity for Kurdistan investors in Iraq.   link

Tishwash:  Iraq is first in the Arab world in importing Jordanian products

The value of certificates of origin issued by the Amman Chamber of Commerce, during the first nine months of this year, to export goods and commodities to Arab and foreign countries, increased by 57.9 percent, compared to the same period last year, while the volume of Iraq’s imports reached more than 600. Million dollars.

According to statistical data from the Chamber, the value of certificates of origin issued by Amman Commerce during the first nine months of the current year amounted to 1.038 billion Jordanian dinars, compared to about 658 million Jordanian dinars for the same period last year.

According to statistical data, the number of certificates of origin issued by the Chamber during the first nine months of the current year reached 27,650 certificates, compared to 27,036 certificates for the same period last year, an increase of 2.3 percent.

The certificates of origin issued by the Chamber during the first nine months of this year went to many countries, led by Saudi Arabia with 7,117 certificates, the United Arab Emirates 3,053, then Iraq 1,603, Egypt 826, then Switzerland with 16 certificates.

Exports were distributed to Iraq, worth 433 million Jordanian dinars (about 610 million dollars), the United Arab Emirates, about 154 million dinars, Saudi Arabia, 81 million dinars, Switzerland, 73 million dinars, then Egypt, worth 72.7 million dinars.

According to statistical data, exports of foreign products (re-exports) amounted to about 442 million dinars, agricultural products amounted to about 134 million dinars, industrial products amounted to about 130 million dinars, then Arabic products with a value of 121 million dinars and the rest for other products.  link


Tishwash:  Launching the country’s first real estate digital platform

There is a consensus on adopting the use of advanced technology in providing services within the Iraqi labor market to the citizen, in a step to keep pace with the technical developments witnessed by the global market, and this comes in harmony with government trends aimed at giving digital transformation great attention. This came during the launch of My Home application, which is the first real estate digital platform in the country.  

Director General of the Industrial Bank, Bilal Al-Hamdani, said: Digital transformation represents an important step in managing the economy, and the infrastructure for this transformation represents an important direction for developing performance and moving it to a better stage.

He added to “Al-Sabah” during the launch of the Bayti application, which specializes in clarifying the real estate supply map in Iraq, that the world is constantly developing, and it is necessary to keep pace with global updates in the digital field and how it is used to serve society, pointing out the importance of having infrastructure for such important launches that are in harmony. With global trends.
In turn, the head of the Iraqi Contractors Union, Ali Al-Sanafi, stressed the necessity of benefiting from advanced technology in the Iraqi labor market.

During the launch of the Bayti application, he pointed out that Iraq has a promising and growing economy, and the need to adopt advanced systems has become an imperative necessity to keep pace with developments taking place in the global labor market.

Al-Sanafi pointed out that advanced smart applications provide great services to the Iraqi citizen, as they save time and effort for a wide segment of those searching for various services, especially with regard to the housing sector, which has begun to expand in the width of residential units.

As for the economic expert, Abdullah Al-Jubouri, he explained that the digital world must be our next steps, especially after we witnessed the citizen’s interaction with the relative digital transformation that the country is witnessing, pointing out that benefiting from regional and international experiences is extremely important, as there are experiences that have an impact. Positive on some economies in the region.

He stated that the world is developing digitally, and here we must be supportive of any step in this direction, and we find the private sector taking steps towards developing digital performance and relying on it in the labor market in a serious manner, commensurate with the needs of the public, and this is parallel to the government directions that focus on the importance of digital transformation in the country.

While economic expert Adham Al-Fakhar said: Today we stand at the first national digital industry, as the country witnessed the launch of the digital real estate platform that works to save time and effort for a wide segment of citizens.

He pointed out that this technology works to provide several options for those searching for housing units in the country, as housing projects have multiplied in various regions of the country, which makes the task of searching for housing units a process fraught with many difficulties.

However, this technology provides citizens with the possibility Follow up on residential complexes and find what suits their financial capabilities. He stressed the importance of advanced technology having a positive impact on the reality of the national economy, and that Iraqi capabilities are demonstrated through the technical developments the world is witnessing.   link