“Tidbits from TNT” Wednesday Morning 9-27-2023



CandyKisses:  MP reveals Iraq’s loss of $ 20 billion due to exchange rate difference

Baghdad – Iraq Today:

A member of the parliamentary integrity committee, Sarwa Abdul Wahid, identified Iraq’s losses as a result of the currency difference between central bank sales and the black market.

Abdul Wahid said on the “X” platform Twitter previously, “Iraq’s losses during the months of 27 trillion (more than 20 billion dollars) as a result of the currency difference when the difference was only 24 numbers.”

She added, “Today the difference between the currency in the Central Bank reached 28 tigers,” noting that “the beneficiaries are 20 financial institutions affiliated with influential figures.

CandyKisses:  Al-Sudani directs the suspension of official working hours on October 3

Shafaq News/ Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani directed that official working hours be suspended on the occasion of National Day.

A brief statement received by Shafaq News Agency stated: Al-Sudani directed the closure on Tuesday, 10/3/2023, in all ministries and state institutions, in celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Iraq.

The Iraqi National Day is a day that was proposed in 2008 to be made a national day that falls on October 3, to commemorate the day of Iraq’s declaration of independence from the British Mandate and its joining the League of the United Nations, and that independence was on October 3, 1932.


Tishwash:  Figures and statistics on the use of electronic payment tools in Iraq

Wednesday, August 23, 2023, the Iraqi Private Banks Association revealed special numbers and statistics regarding the use of electronic payment tools in Iraq.

It was announced to the Executive Director of the Association, Ali Tariq, in a statement seen by Ultra Iraq, that 337 ministries and government institutions have contracted with electronic payment companies and published points of sale.

He revealed that points of sale have grown by 123% since the government directives to spread the concept of electronic payment, and the number of points of sale has reached 23,906 points, up from 10,718 devices, and the points were distributed by 19,696 in stores and private institutions, and 4,210 in ministries and government institutions.

The statement pointed out that the number of financial settlements that took place through points of sale reached 1.56 million transactions, including 1.15 million transactions for the private sector, and 403.7 thousand transactions for government institutions, during the same period.

The Director of the Association of Banks pointed out that electronic payment is witnessing a major transformation, considering it “the most important step towards reforming the economy” and “reducing corruption and activating electronic government.”

Two days ago, the Council of Ministers held a meeting in which it discussed “the facilities and incentives that can be provided to citizens who use electronic payment, with the aim of encouraging its use,” while Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani said, according to a statement from his office at the time, that the steps towards electronic payment “are among the most important financial reform measures and banking  and economics.  link


Tishwash:  Al-Rafidain: More than 4,800 accounts were opened for citizens during the month of August

The number of accounts opened for citizens and other categories at Rafidain Bank during the month of August reached more than 4,800 savings and current accounts in dinars and dollars. 

A statement issued by Al-Rafidain  said, “The number of accounts opened for citizens and other categories in the bank’s branches in Baghdad and the provinces for the month of August amounted to 4,898 savings and current accounts in dinars and dollars, and deposit accounts.”

He added, “The number of current accounts that were opened for citizens and other groups last August reached 655 current accounts in dinars and dollars, while savings accounts opened for citizens reached 3,950 accounts in dinars and dollars, in addition to the number of deposit accounts, which amounted to 293 deposits.”

He pointed out that “the bank continues to provide its services by opening accounts for citizens who wish to deposit their money in the bank and obtain interest according to conditions and regulations set, and the bank’s customers can visit its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to view them   link