TNT Members: Services You Get As You Get Richer



RayRen98:  Services You Get As You Get Richer

1. Housecleaning Services  (Your time is worth more than the effort it takes to maintain your living space)

2. Personal Trainer (Reduces stress, improves your health)

3. Personal Chef (Customize your nutrition. Saves time from planning/cooking)

4. Advisors in All Areas  (Attorneys, tax planning, estate Planning, etc.)  

5. Luxury Concierge Services (Eliminate micro detailed planning, travel planning, events, etc. Luxury of time and peace of mind) 

6. Private Medical Care (Healthcare becomes proactive. Access to specialists. Enhances wellness).)

7. Executive Coaching (Improves your decision making, helps in making strategic decisions)

8. Home Security Services (State of the art surveillance systems, background checks on hired staff)

9. Private Travel (No waiting at airports. Flexible travel, Maximize your time, schedule, etc.)

10. Exclusive Country Club Membership (Rub elbows with the right people. Access to Milken Institute Global Conference-$50k, the Bohemian Club-$25k, etc.)

11. Wealth Transfer Specialist (Spheres of influence)


Beth in Greensboro:  Here is the video that goes along with the discussion in Open Mic this afternoon.

Services You Get As You Get Richer