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CandyKisses:  Deputy: 45 countries expressed their desire to cooperate with Iraq in the way of development

Baghdad – Iraq Today:

MP Baqir al-Saadi said Friday that the development road project has attracted the interest of 45 countries so far.

Al-Saadi said in a press interview that “the development road project is still enjoying increasing international interaction day by day, especially since all studies indicate its success in economic terms, and will develop in 5 important directions in the field of changing the route of international transport from Southeast Asia towards Europe.”

He added that “45 countries are interested in the development road project, and some of them have officially announced their intention to invest directly through the implementation of projects in the first phase,” noting that “the investments of this project will lead to the establishment of 10 new cities on the route from Basra to the border with Turkey.”

“The project will mark the beginning of changing the face of the entire region in terms of economic activity and the development of land routes that annually transport hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods,” he said.

Tishwash:  With a surprise visit…the Iraqi Defense Minister arrives at Ain al-Asad Air Base

An informed source reported, on Friday, that Defense Minister Thabet Al-Abbasi arrived at Ain Al-Assad Air Base to monitor the security situation and inspect the units in Anbar Governorate, west of the country.

A security source told Shafaq News Agency that this visit is a surprise and comes after the missile attack on the military base.

On Thursday, a security source reported that the Ain al-Assad base in western Iraq was targeted with a number of missiles.

The source told Shafaq News Agency: The base was targeted by an unknown number of Krad-type missiles.

The source added: A force from the Al-Jazeera and Badia Command, 29th Brigade, 7th Division found a missile launching pad, and were able to neutralize two missiles that were prepared for launch.

Yesterday, Thursday, the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq”, which includes armed Shiite factions, claimed responsibility for the attack on the “Al-Tanf” military base of the international coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The resistance said in a statement that it targeted the base on Thursday morning with three drones, noting that those drones hit their targets directly and accurately.

And Thursday; A US Department of Defense official suggested that there will be an escalation in march attacks against coalition forces in Iraq and Syria linked to the war between Israel and Hamas.  link


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Militia Man  They’ve increased the interest rate to encourage citizens to save their money.  They’re going to be paying 7.5%… What’s the main goal here?  I think what they’re really trying to do is to get large amounts of money off the street…mattress money is what they call it.  They’re still trying to get that money in…

Frank26  Article:  “Thwarting the smuggling of $400,000 out of the country of Baghdad Airport”  Corruption…smuggling…that’s what it’s all about.  That’s the #1 issue.  That’s how you’re gonna get what you want...This was a huge massive corruption cleanup for the new exchange rate to come out with security and stability.  It’s that simple.  This is not rocket science.  This is not complicated…There’s only one thing happening right now.  Sudani is cleaning the floor of the CBI from the corruption of these horrible people…

12 Major Retailers Are In Big Trouble As Bankruptcies Skyrocket

Atlantis Report:  10-20-2023

The retail landscape is undergoing a massive transformation, with a staggering 61 percent increase in bankruptcies and a 77 percent surge in United States store closures over the past year, as revealed by recent data.

A collaborative report from Retail Dive and Credit Risk Monitor highlights the impending risk of liquidation for several retailers, as some have already initiated Chapter 11 filings and confront the prospect of permanent closures. As we approach the end of 2023, dark storefronts and product shortages cast a shadow over the holiday season, intensifying a trend where prominent brands shutdown locations leaving a lasting impact on the retail industry.

In this video, we’ll uncover the 12 major retail stores which are set to cease operations in 2023.

Rafi Farber: Gold and Silver Break Out As Treasuries Break Down, Exter’s Pyramid Wobbles

Arcadia Economics:  10-20-2023

As the world teeters on the edge of all out war, gold and Treasuries head in opposite directions.

 Gold and silver break out, and the bond market breaks down. Interest rates on the 10Y break 5%, and there appears to be nothing that can stop the relentless climb of yields. Except the Federal Reserve of course, which would have to destroy the dollar in order to arrest the climb.

This they will do, but only when they have no other choice, and that dichotomy won’t be on full display until there are no more spare dollars to bid on Treasury auctions.

That looks to be 12-15 weeks away. What happens after that? Don’t ask. I guess we’ll all find out when we get there. To find out more, click to watch the video now!