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Tishwash:  Disrupting official working hours in Iraq for 3 days

 This month of December witnesses the suspension of official working hours for 3 days, and it is likely to increase to four days.

The tenth of this month, corresponding to Sunday, will be an official holiday on the occasion of Victory Day, the anniversary of the victory over ISIS terrorist gangs in Nineveh Governorate and the cities that were controlled by terrorism.

While Sunday and Monday, 17-18 of this month, will be official holidays for holding the governorate council elections.

It is likely that all Iraqi governorates will be included in the Christmas holiday, corresponding to December 25, 2023. link

TishwashDigital dinar instead of cash dollar.” These are the most prominent gains of electronic payment

Today, Friday (December 1, 2023), the Prime Minister’s Advisor for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, explained the benefits of adopting the electronic payments system in transactions inside Iraq.

Saleh said in a statement received by Baghdad Today, “The cash payments system is linked to a high degree of certainty whenever payments are made by electronic or digital means, which provides an indicator of liquidity in the banking system and reduces the degree of uncertainty in banking liquidity.”

He explained that “the payments system provides sufficient information about the flow of cash into the banking system, makes clear the amounts of paid and accumulated amounts, and indicates their actual balances at all times during the banking working day. Conversely, in light of the monetary systems that rely on direct cash payment, banking liquidity management policies surround themselves.” With additional hedges of idle liquidity in order to protect against liquidity risks.

Saleh stated, “This matter disrupts part of banking operations and credit in particular, so as electronic payments increase as a behavior in daily dealings, the management of the cash mass and its flow in the banking system will be subject to the rule of clarity in cash management and then directing bank credit towards profitable areas by expanding… Credit activity provides efficient use of the cash supply, as well as a decrease in the rate of cash leakages outside banks, which means that a structural change in the behavior of cash demand among individuals and at banks will tend towards a decline, due to dealing with electronic payment systems that are linked to bank accounts.”

He stressed, “The development of the payments environment and its transition from a direct cash environment or cash payment in payment and receipt operations to the use of electronic payment will, in all cases, reduce the risks of local cash payment in currencies other than the dinar and distance the national economy’s transactions from cash payment in foreign currency, because payment systems Digital does not allow transactions in the local economy in anything other than the dinar, that is, the national currency, and certainly the economy’s tendency in its transaction payments is to (the digital dinar) instead of (the cash dollar), whose transactions in internal settlements are legally rejected completely by virtue of the principle of monetary sovereignty of the Iraqi dinar. link


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Mnt Goat  “ADVISER TO THE PRIME MINISTER: ECONOMIC POLICY IN IRAQ IS MOVING TOWARDS IMPLEMENTING THE PRINCIPLE OF MONETARY SOVEREIGNTY” WOW! WOW! WOW!   It tells us flat right out in the open that Iraq is about to take complete control over their currency again. WOW! …This has reinstatement and RV written all over this statement…

Yada  Article:  “Baghdad today – Baghdad Today, Friday (December 1, 2023), the National Public Retirement Authority announced the start of disbursing salaries to retirees next Sunday“  Yes, that is this Sunday the 3rd.;   The reduction of the oil output by 650,000 barrels means an increase in the price of oil, higher rates in the dinar value will follow.;  Lastly, the official change in the auction practice stopping the auctions while the banks are NOW transferring dollars through the designated banks connected with Chase and Citibank started… All clear signs we will see our expected end, now IMO.

X22 Report With Bob Kudla

Nov 30, 9:00 am EST

YouTube: Trade Genius

Bob is the created and owner of Trade Genius Academy. Bob also does a podcast on YouTube which is called Trade Genius.

Bob begins the conversation talking about blackfriday, the sales are strong because people are using debt and the stores introduced a new system, buy now pay later with no interest.

The economic system is breaking down, gold and bitcoin are moving up as the dollar devalues. The world is changing and the President of Argentina is shutting down the [CB], this is the end of the private [CB] around the world. The world economy is about to change.


RED ALERT! The Banks/Financial System… TAKE ACTION NOW! Before Its Too Late.

Greg Mannarino:  12-1-2023