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Tishwash:  Iraqi-Indonesian consultations in Baghdad

Today, Monday (December 18, 2023), the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced consultations between Iraq and Indonesia in the capital, Baghdad, next year.

A statement from the ministry received by “Baghdad Today” stated, “The interim Chargé d’Affaires of the Republic of Iraq in Jakarta, Ammar Hamid Al-Khalidi, met today, Monday, the Indonesian President’s envoy to the Middle East and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries, Alawi Shihab, at the embassy headquarters in Jakarta.”

During the meeting, according to the statement, “ways were discussed to enhance bilateral political and economic relations between the two countries, especially the possibility of developing the rice cultivation sector in Iraq.”

The two sides discussed “the ongoing preparations for holding a round of political consultations between the two countries, which is hoped to be held during the first quarter of next year in Baghdad, and facilitating the conclusion of an agreement to exempt holders of diplomatic and service passports from entry visas between the two countries.” According to the Foreign Ministry.  link

Tishwash:  Parliamentary Economy: The current world budget surplus will reduce next year’s budget deficit

Member of the Parliamentary Economy and Trade Committee, Yasser Al-Husseini, confirmed on Monday the contribution of the 2023 budget surplus to filling the deficit in the 2024-2025 budget. 

Al-Husseini said in an interview with the Maalouma Agency, that ” The government has not yet funded 2023 projects, and therefore there will be financial accumulations to cover the deficit in next year’s budget.” 

He added that ” The deficit in the budget this year, amounting to 64 trillion, will be filled from the surplus next year, “noting that the amounts and allocations made for the projects have not been spent yet, and therefore there will be a financial surplus that can be used in the upcoming budgets.” 

 Parliament approved the budget six months ago after a difficult struggle due to political controversy that disrupted the country’s economic interests.  link


CandyKisses:  Less than two hours before the end of universal voting. IHEC confirms: No extension of voting – urgent

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

There are less than two hours left until the end of the general voting that is taking place in 15 provinces in Iraq, for the provincial council elections, which are being held for the first time in 10 years, while participation rates show small numbers that destroyed the “euphoria” Experienced by political forces over participation in the special vote, which amounted to 67%.

It is hoped that the boxes will close at six o’clock in the evening after opening at seven o’clock on Monday morning, and until midday the overall participation rate was only 17%.

The electoral commission says the polls will close at 6 p.m. and there will be no extension of voting.

More than 16 million voters throughout Iraq were scheduled to participate in the general vote, but according to expectations, the turnout throughout Iraq with the closure of the polls will not be more than 20 to 25% at best, which means that the total number of Voters will not reach more than 4 million voters out of more than 16 million eligible voters.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Jeff   Today on Monday Iraq is holding their elections.  What does this mean to usAccording to Iraq’s Central Bank removing corruption is the absolute minimum requirement for Iraq to be eligible to revalue their currency...These are the provincial level elections.  It’s the second half of the government.  They already completed and held all their federal elections in October of last year…These elections are critical to the country to move it forward…

Militia Man   They have a paragraph in the laws that may need an amendment.   It has to deal with the average production cost per barrel [of oil]…it’s used to be $8 but now it’s $21…When they change the value of the currency it’s going to need to be adjusted according for a fair valuation for how much money is it going to cost to get it out of the ground.  That’s going to be relevant to what’s the dinar worth because we’re not going to be using the dollar, we’re going to be using the dinar

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