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Tishwash:  The American Embassy decides to close dozens of its offices and institutes in Baghdad

Today, Sunday, the American Embassy in Iraq closed many institutes, counseling centers, and opinion polls in the capital, Baghdad.

An informed security source told Al-Maalouma Agency, “The American embassy in Iraq decided to close dozens of institutes and training, employment and counseling centres, in addition to English language teaching and opinion polling centres, in the capital, Baghdad.”

He added, “These centers and institutes hide behind them security and political goals and objectives to achieve their interests in Iraq and strike the societal fabric in Iraq, according to various titles.”

The source explained, “The decision to close came after the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted its military bases in western and northern Iraq, for fear that the hand of the resistance would reach these headquarters and expose them.”

He stated, “America is trying to withdraw all parties and means associated with it in the country, especially after the recent increase in attacks on its bases, which confirms the American administration’s fear of the steps of the Islamic resistance in Iraq.”

Last Wednesday (October 18, 2023), the Iraqi Islamic Resistance claimed responsibility for targeting the American bases in Ain al-Assad and Harir in Iraqi Kurdistan, while the American forces vowed more operations, stressing that they would not stand by and watch the genocide taking place against the Palestinians in Gaza.   link


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Frank26  The new exchange rate is the hope of the Iraqi citizens that they can’t see yet.  It’s unseen to them but yet the evidence is there… 

Militia Man  Every one asks why isn’t it [HCL] done yet?…Everybody wants it today…I know everybody wants it.  So do I, but the truth is we’re seeing things that’s never been done before…They have the law out there and written.  They just haven’t got to it...I think we all know…if they were going to do it at 1310, 1305 or 1320 they would have already done this by now and they haven’tI hope and pray…the thing that they need is an international Article VIII compliant exchange rate



Clare:  Iraq is working to join the World Trade Organization (WTO).


 The Director-General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations in the Ministry of Commerce, Riyad Fakher Al-Hashimi, discussed with the Deputy Director-General of the World Trade Organization (Sianchun Zhang) at the headquarters of the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Iraq’s accession to the organization.

The ministry stated in a statement, “In the meeting, Al-Hashemi reviewed Iraq’s current efforts and its plan for the next stage in completing the technical files required to be submitted to the organization’s secretariat and preparing them in accordance with the organization’s conditions and fruitful cooperation with international organizations supporting Iraq’s accession to the organization and its quest to obtain full membership in the organization.”

He noted that “The Minister of Commerce stressed his support for Iraq’s accession to the organization, and set timetables for completing all files in accordance with the visions of the current government and in implementation of the provisions of the government curriculum and the high cooperation and cooperation with international organizations.”

 For his part, Zhang expressed the organization’s support for Iraq and his readiness to provide the necessary support for the success of Iraq’s mission towards achieving accession, directing the Organization’s Accession Department to organize special events for Iraq to help it succeed in its mission and complete all the files required of it to hold the upcoming negotiating rounds. In the same context, Al-Hashemi referred to his meeting with the Director of the
Accession Department at the World Trade Organization in Geneva (Mika Oshikawa).

To review the steps taken by Iraq and the Ministry of Trade to complete the technical files that must be submitted to the organization during the coming period, which will be sent by the organization’s secretariat and the accession department to member states in preparation for holding the next negotiating rounds. LINK

SILVER ALERT! Banking Criminal Jamie Dimon Cashes Out & is Now ESCAPING the CRIME SCENE!

(Bix Weir)  10-29-2023

Jamie Dimon had NEVER sold a share of stock in the world’s most criminal bank JP Morgan…until NOW! On Friday JPM announced that during the course of 2024 Dimon will sell 1 Million shares currently valued at over $1.3 Billion!

 Of course he can now Hedge that price by adding JPM Put Options matched to the planned sale dates (or date!).

And then with those two sides of the transaction matching he can sell of ALL the positions by discounting back the fixed value of the 2024 stock & put proceeds to a buyer today.

Who would buy that package…JP Morgan of course!

Voila!…Dimon gets a wire transfer for somewhere North of $1B+ right before his bank EXPLODES in a Global Derivative Meltdown!

 Hmmm…I wonder how much PHYSICAL SILVER Jamie is going to load up on when he gets his Billion?!