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Tishwash:  Interior Ministry: 17,900 pledges not to deal in dollars in Iraq

The number of written pledges that the Ministry of Interior took from shop owners not to deal in dollars during buying and selling amounted to 17,900 pledges from last May until this October.

This was reported by the Director of Operations at the Organized Crime Directorate, Brigadier General Hussein Al-Tamimi, to Al-Sabah, noting that the campaigns launched under the direction of the Ministry since last May to support the Iraqi dinar resulted in the arrest of a number of foreign currency speculators and smugglers.

He explained that the Ministry has taken written pledges obligating the owners of car showrooms, electrical materials stores, tourism and travel companies, wholesalers, and key cards, as well as the owners of residential complexes, not to deal (in dollars) during buying and selling

And to deal exclusively in the Iraqi dinar according to the price specified by the Central Bank / otherwise The violator is subject to legal accountability in accordance with Article 306 of the Iraqi Penal Code No. 111 of 1969, which stipulates imprisonment and the imposition of a fine on anyone who refuses to deal in the Iraqi dinar, indicating at the same time that the Central Bank and the Council of Ministers have permitted merchants importing basic and necessary materials from outside the country to enter. To the electronic platform and deal in dollars through it only.   link

Tishwash:  Washington directs the departure of the families of its diplomats and non-essential employees from Iraq

 Do not use Baghdad Airport

 Today, Sunday (October 22, 2023), the US State Department directed the families of its diplomats and non-essential employees to leave Iraq, after US forces were exposed to missile attacks at the Ain al-Asad bases west of Anbar and Harir in Erbil in recent days against the backdrop of the ongoing repercussions of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. Since October 7 of this year.

In a statement seen by Baghdad Today, the US State Department ordered “the departure of eligible family members and non-essential US government employees from the US Embassy in Baghdad and the US Consulate General in Erbil due to increasing security threats against US government employees and interests.”

Its statement pointed out that “American citizens in Iraq face significant risks to their safety and security, including the possibility of violence and kidnapping,” noting that “terrorist and insurgent groups regularly attack Iraqi security forces and civilians, and anti-American militias threaten American citizens and international companies everywhere.” All over Iraq.

The attacks, according to the statement, are occurring “using improvised explosive devices, indirect fire, and unmanned aerial vehicles in many areas of the country, including Baghdad and other major cities. In emergency situations, consular services for US citizens in Iraq are limited due to strict restrictions on the movements of government employees.” “American.”

He pointed out that “demonstrations, protests, and strikes occur frequently across the country. These events can develop quickly without prior notice, often disrupting traffic, transportation, and other services, and sometimes turn into violent acts.”

The US State Department advised its citizens “not to travel near the northern border of Iraq due to the continuing threat of attacks by terrorist groups, armed conflict, aerial bombardment, and civil unrest,” stressing, “United States citizens should particularly avoid areas close to armed groups in northern Iraq.” Which was targeted by air strikes by the armies of neighboring countries.”

She stressed that “United States citizens should not travel through Iraq to participate in an armed conflict in Syria, as they will face severe personal risks (kidnapping, injury, or death) and legal risks (arrest, fines, expulsion),” noting that the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government announced that it would impose provisions Individuals who illegally cross the Iraqi-Syrian border can be sentenced to up to ten years in prison. Additionally, fighting on behalf of or supporting designated terrorist organizations is a crime under US law and can result in prison sentences and large fines in the United States.

She explained, “Due to security concerns, US government employees in Baghdad were instructed not to use Baghdad International Airport, due to the risks to civil aviation operating in the Baghdad Flight Information Region. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) extended the Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) for a period of time.” “An additional two years, which prohibits some flights at altitudes below 32,000 feet.” link   


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Frank26   Major powerful countries are coming into Iraq.    It’s going to effect their currency exchange rate.  More than anything else it will rocket their float and that when you have to be very astute.  Watch it…You’ve got to watch the rate in the float.  Know when to hold’m and know when to fold’m.  Know when to backoff. 

Breitling  Look at the opportunity for Iraq.  They’re saying, Hey, we need to sell energy in these other currencies.’  The United States is like ‘No problem. We don’t care.  We’re expanding our markets anyways.’  There might have been in the past a situation where if Iraq sold energy in other currencies that we lost market share.  But that’s not the case coming down the road…Iraq…figured out a plan to go forward to be able to sell to as many customers as possible.  That’s how they want to add value to the currency is taking that route.  It’s good for the United States.  It’s good for Iraq…

POS ( point of sale) activation Iraq

Nader:  10-22-2023

Why GOLD is More Crucial NOW Than Ever: Recession Insights with Bill Holter!

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Bill Holter dives deep into the intricacies of the financial world, touching upon the current state of the economy, the impact of interest rates, and the pivotal role of gold.

He highlights the concerning signs in the real estate market, the effects of deficit spending, and the potential for an East vs. West financial reset.

 The conversation also sheds light on China’s debt situation and the true essence of what constitutes “real money”.