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Tishwash:  World Trade confirms its aspiration and follow-up of the steps for Iraq to join it

The World Trade Organization confirmed, on Tuesday, its aspiration and follow-up of the steps for Iraq’s accession to it.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Commerce received by (Al-Rabaa), Minister Atheer Al-Ghurairi held a meeting with the Assistant Director General of the World Trade Organization, Zang Shank Shank, in the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi, to discuss completing Iraq’s procedures to complete the required files, supporting reforms and legislation to be consistent with the market system, and strengthening the country’s economic capabilities to complete… Requirements for the next stage of the accession process.

Al-Ghurairi stressed, according to the statement, “the keenness of the working group on accession to continue by strengthening cooperation with the organization’s accession department and the head of the working group, Saudi Ambassador Saqr al-Muqbel, whose recent visit to Iraq provided great support for the efforts and steps taken by the national committee concerned with accession, which he chaired to complete all requirements in a manner that It achieves Iraq’s integration into the multilateral trading system.

The minister stressed “the hope that the efforts of the organization’s working group will focus on supporting the accession of important countries, including Iraq.”

The minister continued, “The Iraqi government, within its government program and the measures it took to raise the level of draft laws and support the role of the private sector, recorded international signals of its endeavor and eagerness to return to the economic system due to its geographical and economic importance in the region.”

For his part, the Assistant Director-General of the organization confirmed that “the organization is looking forward and following the steps for Iraq’s accession carefully, given that Iraq is one of the important and strong economies that is still outside the organization, and that Iraq’s presence within the organization’s membership will be a great added value to the organization and to the global economy.”

He praised “the advanced stages accomplished by the Ministry of Commerce in terms of completing and submitting the technical files on goods and services in trade, which will speed up the holding of the third round of negotiations, wishing for the continuity and continuity of momentum and work to complete the requirements for accession, amend the required laws and legislation, and complete the technical files within their specified timing, as he will submit The team will support him to complete his journey to join, and we will celebrate him at the next ministerial meeting of the organization.”  link


Tishwash:  Al-Moayad to major American and European companies: Digital transformation in Iraq qualifies for high profits

The Chairman of the Media and Communications Authority, Ali Al-Moayyed, met today, Tuesday, with a number of major technology companies in the United States of America and Europe, on the sidelines of the International Mobile Conference MWC 2024 in Barcelona.

During the meeting, according to a statement by the authority, Al-Furat News received a copy of, Al-Muayyad urged “American technology companies to expand their work in Iraq, and to help provide solutions to activate digital programs for managing Iraqi government institutions and all their other administrative and organizational operations.”

During his meeting with Amazon and Enztsu, Al-Moayad confirmed that the government curriculum adopts digital transformation in the country, which calls on these companies to transfer their global experiences and activate their cooperation with Iraqi institutions, which qualifies them to achieve high profits within the framework of the country’s adoption of the digitization strategy and expansion of financial inclusion processes. 

It is noteworthy that the International Mobile Conference (MWC 2024) is held annually in the month of February in Barcelona, and is considered the most prominent global event in the field of the mobile phone industry and advanced communications technology, in which senior companies, regulators and government officials from various countries of the world participate. link


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Mnt Goat    …Iraq is finally breaking the news all about the Project to Delete the Zeros. This is fantastic news but just news for now. The actual execution part is coming and I was told by my weekly call to my CBI contact in Iraq on Saturday, that it will be VERY SOON!

Frank26   Article:  “Does deleting the currency’s zeros affect its value? An economist explains”  THE CBI IS SENDING TRUSTED ECONOMISTS TO EXPLAIN THE MONETARY REFORM EDUCATION OF DELETING THE ZEROS FROM THE EXCHANGE RATE!  IMO they’re about to give the citizens a new exchange rate with new lower notes to match…They already told them that process will then take that exchange rate, which will be at least 1 to 1 but I think is going to be higher, to float in the basket internationally

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