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CandyKisses:  Joint with Iraq. Iran looks to create trade zone for access to the Mediterranean Sea

Haidar HishamThe Secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran’s Supreme Council of Commercial, Industrial and Special Economic Free Zones revealed that he negotiated with 21 countries to establish a joint free zone and reach a conclusion with five countries, including Syria and Iraq.According to the official IRNA news agency, Hojatullah Abdul Maliki confirmed that Iran seeks to establish a joint free zone with other countries, but also seeks to establish a tripartite joint free zone by negotiating with Iraq and Syria.He stressed: Through the establishment of a tripartite free zone between Iran, Syria and Iraq, we will witness a great investment leap as we follow this issue.

Abdul Malki pointed out that Iran is currently negotiating with 21 countries to establish a joint free zone, saying: “We have so far reached the stage of signing a document with five countries, which is either in the form of a memorandum of understanding or including the text of the approvals of the Joint Commission.”

He added: “We have spoken with Iraq and Syria for the establishment of a joint free zone, and the negotiating parties have expressed their agreement in this regard, and we are waiting for a tripartite meeting.

The secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran’s Supreme Council of Trade, Industrial Free and Special Economic Zones added: “The area being considered for this purpose is one of the last parts that got rid of ISIS, but now security has been established and transit is taking place smoothly.

The establishment of a common free zone would benefit the three countries and make Iran’s access to the Mediterranean very easy.


CandyKissses:  Economists urge expanded partnership with Europe

Economy News _ Baghdad

Specialists in economic and financial affairs called for expanding the country’s openness to investments with the European side, especially after the exit of European companies from long-term Russian agreements, indicating that the Prime Minister’s recent visit to the Netherlands represents a gateway to this openness.

Economist Dr. Mustafa Hantoush said in an interview with “Al-Sabah” followed byEconomy News”, that there is a real opportunity for Iraq to partner with Europe, especially since the latter had long partnerships with Russia and Ukraine in the field of energy.

He pointed out that Europe is currently isolated due to recent events, noting that it is possible to exploit this partnership as an oil country and cooperate with European companies, especially as they are looking for countries to market their products, including animal products and seeds.

Hantoush pointed out that most countries in Europe are looking for partnerships to market their products, especially with oil countries, and Iraq is one of those countries, as it has huge oil wealth, and the country needs their expertise in the field of livestock and seeds.

For his part, economist Safwan Qusai said that the recent visit of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani to the Netherlands is key to convincing the European investor to partner with Iraq.

 He added that the country needs investments from the European side and the exploitation of the Dutch port of Rotten-Dan, which is the largest port in Western Europe and is the gateway to the production of Germany, Britain, Paris and Belgium, and that about 500 million tons of goods are entered through this port annually.

He pointed out that linking the port of Faw with the port of Rotten Down through Turkey, which is a strategic partner for the transport of goods, goods and people, and that the Netherlands for Iraq will be the communication station, and that the European Union has begun looking for the import of alternative goods for gas and oil.

He pointed out that the presence of the Sudanese in the Netherlands is the key to convince the European investor to partner through the giant British insurance companies, pointing to the possibility of transferring part of the German and Italian production lines into Iraq as we have the production capacity.

For his part, Imad al-Fatlawi, who is interested in economic affairs, said that the state’s recent directions to develop a roadmap to activate cooperation with the European side represent an important step on the road to economic integration, pointing out that there are intensive efforts to solve problems and challenges in this aspect, especially in the field of construction, industry and even in the aspect of agriculture and livestock.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man  They’re going to have a very strong country...Iraq’s foreign reserves are huge, historic in history, all-time high and they increased their gold supply another 10 tons.  You can see the direction they’re going and why they’re getting praises…

Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]   FIREFLY:  Bank friend…in his opinion a new rate that will float.  We’re going to have gateway from Iraq to European side in trading.  It will be amazing…The deletion of the zeros is near…Four different experts of the economy being sent to us by the CBI saying what is needed to be done with the zeros.  It’s no secret.  FRANK:  He’s 100% correct.  I keep telling you it’s here.  


Greg Mannarino:  3-5-2024

Andy Schectman: Gold Rallies Again After Clearing $2,100 Level

Arcadia Economics:  3-5-2024

The gold price has continued its rally again today, trading as high as $2,150 during the morning session. And as Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin notes in today’s call, this is happening at the same time that interest rates are still elevated.

 So in today’s show, he talks about the $100 move we’ve just witnessed in the past 3 days, the reaction in the silver price, and how the physical premiums have responded to the move. To find out more, click to watch the video now!