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Tishwash:  Al-Sudani visits Moscow in a week to meet Putin

A government source and another person familiar with the matter told Reuters that Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani will go to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 10 and 11. 

The government source stated that Al-Sudani will leave Iraq on October 9 and will meet with Putin on October 10, and they will hold working meetings on October 11.

Official Iraqi media said that Al-Sudani will go to Moscow to discuss cooperation between the two countries in the economic and political fields.  link


Clare:   Iraq and Jordan are discussing joint cooperation and creating an integrated environment for commercial transactions

10/4/2023 Baghdad

Today, Wednesday, the Minister of Commerce, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, discussed with the Jordanian Ambassador to Iraq, Montaser Al-Zoghbi, the Chairman of the Amman and Jordan Chamber of Industry, and the delegation accompanying them, the prospects for joint cooperation between Iraq and Jordan, and creating an environment for trade exchange in accordance with international standards, overcoming obstacles, and in a way that serves their common interests

. Al-Eqtisad News received it: “During the meeting, Minister Al-Ghurairi referred to the depth of relations between the two brotherly countries and the Iraqi government’s keenness, within its governmental program, to strengthen and develop economic and trade relations at various levels with Jordan.” Al-Ghurairi added, according to the statement, “The Ministry of Commerce is working today in accordance

with An economic vision in formulating the country’s trade policy to reach an ideal state for commercial dealings and exchanges with all countries of the world through activating joint committees and agreements to provide a suitable environment for investment and trade.”

The statement continued that the Jordanian delegation proposed a number of issues that hinder the movement of trade exchange, including the ratification of commercial documents and facilitating procedures for granting entry visas to construction and trade men.

In this regard, the Minister of Commerce directed the Department of Economic Relations to expedite the electronic transformation in certifying certificates of origin and in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate through one window to certify the rest of the documents, in addition to directing the exhibition company to provide facilities for Jordanian participation in the Baghdad International Fair, with an agreement to complete the procedures for establishing the commercial center . “The permanent Jordanian on the exhibition grounds.”

For his part, the Jordanian ambassador stressed his country’s keenness to consolidate joint economic and trade relations and increase the volume of trade exchange, in a way that serves the interests of the two friendly peoples of Iraq and Jordan, and to encourage the Jordanian private sector to enter into partnerships with the Iraqi private sector in promising investment and economic projects, expressing his thanks for the facilities provided by the ministry. To increase the volume of exchange and overcome obstacles, indicating that the Jordanian participation this year is distinguished.

The meeting was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce for Administrative Affairs, Sattar Al-Jabri, the general departments of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations, the Iraqi Exhibitions Company, the Assistant Director General of the Development Department, and a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   LINK


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Walkingstick   [Iraqi banking friend Aki update]  Why October 1st [to open your bank]?   AKI:   This date was chosen.  That date was based on when the HCL would come out.  Also this date was picked to pay the Iraqi citizens their oil sales proceeds through the HCL.  As of yesterday [October 1st] all Iraqi citizens past the age of 16 years old should have opened an account or one was opened for them…As of [October 1st] Iraqi citizens from around the world can open in these banks.  They’ve been coming in to my bank to open up because of the monetary reform education…

Mnt Goat  Article:  “THE CENTRAL BANK INTENDS TO ADOPT FOUR CURRENCIES INSTEAD OF THE DOLLAR FOR EXTERNAL TRANSFER  Yes, they are finally going to pay for imports outside of the dollar. Wonderfull news for us… Yet another sign the currency auctions to pay for imports solely in US dollars is coming to an end and fast. This yet more WOW! News!


Greg Mannarino:  10-4-2023

The Stock Market Turns As Credit Card Losses Skyrocket!

Atlantis Report:  10-4-2023

This surge in credit card debt, now totaling a staggering one trillion dollars, has raised concerns about the nation’s economic stability, with companies reporting the fastest pace of losses in nearly three decades, outside of the Great Financial Crisis.

As Americans grapple with this massive debt burden, the stock market appears poised for turmoil, resembling a dormant volcano ready to erupt at any moment.