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CandyKisses:  Today.. the framework holds a meeting to agree on the candidate for the Speaker of Parliament


Representative, Muhammad Al-Zayadi, confirmed on Sunday the intention of the coordination framework to hold a meeting this evening to reach a final agreement on the candidate for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives. 

Al-Ziyadi said in an interview with Al-Maalouma that “the meeting of the leaders of the forces of the coordination framework to be held will discuss one paragraph related to the unification of the position of political forces within the coordination framework on the selection of the new speaker of the House of Representatives, pointing out that “the discussion of the agreement on the selection of governors and the exception of some governors will take place after the approval of the judiciary on the winners of the elections.”

He added, “The meeting to be held for the leaders of the Coordination Framework forces on Sunday will discuss one paragraph related to unifying the position of the Coordination Framework forces on choosing a specific figure and voting for her to occupy the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

He pointed out that “the issue of discussing the agreement of the forces of the coordination framework on governorates for the next stage has been postponed until the judicial body decides on the results of the final provincial council elections.”

He continued, “The forces of the coordination framework are serious in accelerating the formation of local governments in light of the results of the provincial council elections, where understandings will be based on basic principles, but the file of excluding some governors has not yet been decided.”

The House of Representatives had adjourned its session on Saturday last week after disagreements over the decision to nominate candidates for the presidency of the House of Representatives in its second round.


Tishwash:  2024 and “Curse the corrupt”… Investigations into the “outrageous wealth” of 9 Iraqi officials and “important” decisions within weeks

 Today, Sunday (January 21, 2024), a parliamentary source revealed the existence of unannounced investigations into the wealth of nine Iraqi officials in several governorates.

The source said in an interview with “Baghdad Today”, “A lot of evidence was presented by representatives and figures about the file of the extreme wealth of some officials in Baghdad and the provinces, amid questions to know the source of that money, especially since they are government employees.”

The source, who preferred not to reveal his name, added, “Indeed, there are investigations currently underway into the file of 9 officials,” pointing out that “extreme wealth is a real source of concern that has prompted the regulatory authorities to open important files in the past months in order to clarify the sources of that money, which some have tried to do.” It involves purchasing real estate and land.

He pointed out that “2024 will witness a qualitative shift in the fight against corruption, especially in the suspicious wealth of some,” expecting “important decisions to be issued in the coming weeks.”

The head of the Federal Integrity Commission, Haider Hanoun, called on Saturday (January 20, 2024) to support the regulatory system and cooperate with it in its endeavor to eradicate the scourge of corruption and prosecute its perpetrators.

A statement by the Commission, received by “Baghdad Today”, stated that “Hanoun stressed, in his speech at the First Conference of Legal and Political Sciences, which was held by the College of Law and Political Sciences – Iraqi University, entitled (The Relationship between Democracy and Regimes), the necessity of preserving the foundations of the democratic system in Iraq and protecting its institutions.” Constitutionalism is one of the dangers facing it, the most dangerous of which is corruption,” pointing out that “the Constitution, which is the supreme legal document, went to establish independent federal bodies, the most important of which is the Federal Integrity Commission, in accordance with Article (102) thereof, with the aim of protecting the gains of that democratic system.”

While the Deputy President of the Karkh Court of Appeal and the competent judge of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Committee, Judge Zia Jaafar, explained, on Monday (January 15, 2024), the nature of the decisions and judicial procedures taken in the past period to fight corruption, while pointing to the strategy to combat this scourge  link


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man  .0006 or .0007 as far as exchange rates concerned, when they drop the 3 zeros off of that it makes a big difference.  Do a little math.  Get a calculator and see what the difference is when you have .0007 to the dollar and you drop those 3 zeros and see what the calculation is.  You can see there’s a big difference…It’s phenomenal wonderful stuff.

Frank26  [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: Banking news today on Channel One for the first time ever they’re telling us our bank in Iraq have recorded assets over 200 trillion dollars.  News says accounts are up all over the place.  FRANK:  I kept telling you, you have no idea how much they have to back up their currency.  That’s just assets.  You also have futures in the ground, contracts that have been signed, supply and demand of the basket…I get the chills thinking about the power of this nation. 


Greg Mannarino:  1-21-2024

Economy Showing ‘Cracks’, Here’s What The Fed, Markets Will Do Next | Cameron Dawson

David Lin:  1-20-2024

Cameron Dawson, CIO of NewEdge Wealth, gives her outlook for the economy and markets for 2024.

0:00 – Intro

2:00 – NewEdge Wealth

4:00 – Market technicals

8:00 – Valuations

11:20 – Large vs. small caps

14:00 – Economic outlook

18:00 – Fed monetary policy

21:10 – Preferred sector

23:00 – Asset allocation

24:45 – Bitcoin 25:22 – Wealth preservation

28:44 – Risks

32:00 – Banks

34:00 – Career advice

37:22 – Lessons learned