TNT – “Tidbits From TNT” Friday Morning 11-10-2023


TishwashGolden advice” for Iraqis.. Which is safer for acquiring foreign currency, gold, or the dinar?

The economic expert, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, explained today, Thursday, that the most secure acquisition for Iraqis is between foreign currency, gold, and the dinar, under the current circumstances.

Al-Mashhadani told  “In unstable countries, and Iraq has been one of them for 50 years, it is preferable to keep foreign currency only, because even gold is not easy to liquefy, which results in losses for its owner as a result of differences in wording and buying and selling accounts.”

He stressed, “Therefore, keeping acceptable foreign currencies remains the best.”  link

Tishwash:  A parliamentary movement to dismiss the Governor of the Central Bank for his failure to control the rise of the dollar

A member of the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee, Adnan Al-Jabri, confirmed on Thursday that the Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, failed to control the rise in the dollar exchange rate.

Al-Jabri said in a televised interview followed by Mawazine News, “There is complaint in political and popular circles about the decline of the dinar against the dollar.”

Al-Jabri pointed out, “The government needs to take measures against the Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq.”

He continued, “After assuming the position of governor of the Central Bank, Al-Alaq presented a plan to control the rise in the dollar exchange rate, but he failed in it and did not fulfill his promises to the Iraqi people.”

Al-Jabri stated, “There are deliberations within the House of Representatives to take measures against the governor of the Central Bank, as he is directly responsible for the currency market,” pointing out that “Al-Alaq bears responsibility for the continued decline in the value of the dinar.”   link


CandyKissess:  Economist: Targeting US bases contributed to the rise of the dollar

Baghdad – Iraq Today:

Financial and banking expert Mahmoud Dagher mortgaged the return of the stability of dollar exchange rates to stop the smuggling of foreign currency, while revealing the relationship of the reasons for the high rate of foreign remittances from the currency auction targeting US bases inside Iraq.

Dagher said in a press interview, “The rise in the process of foreign remittances to the Central Bank’s sales of the currency auction is justified, considering that since the start of the war on Gaza and the targeting of some armed factions military bases inside Iraq, Washington pushed the tightening and rejection of many foreign remittances issued by the Central Bank, for reasons that may be considered as a pressure card on Iraq to reduce these attacks, but some messages exchanged between Baghdad and Washington have eased the severity of the American emphasis on remittances. Foreign Affairs, and this is what prompted its rise because many of it was stacked over the past days.”

Dagher added that “there is no return to the stability of the exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in its natural form, except through controlling the borders and reducing the smuggling of foreign currency outside the country’s borders.”


CandyKisses:  Attacks exceeded 33. Iraqi summary of the reasons for Washington’s inability to respond to the “armed factions”

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

Today, Thursday (November 9, 2023), Ali al-Fatlawi, a leader in the Coordination Framework, Identified many reasons that prevent America from responding to the “armed resistance factions in Iraq”, despite the number of attacks reaching 33 attacks since October 17.

Fatlawi said in an interview with “Baghdad Today”, that “what is happening in Gaza is genocide with an American green light through its unlimited support for the Zionist entity,” pointing out that “the high statistics of martyrs and wounded to more than 33 Thousand martyrs and wounded is evidence of a bloody approach committed by the Zionist entity in the land of Palestine.”

He added, “There are many reasons that prevent America from responding to the attacks of the resistance factions in Iraq, most notably that it does not want to open any other front in the Middle East because it realizes that any reaction from it means another folly.” after the folly of the Zionist entity and may lead to a scene that Washington cannot remedy, especially with the presence of resistance factions in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and even Iraq.”

He pointed out that “America has been working for weeks to send messages to various parties about its quest to contain events in the Middle East, but the matter remains tense, especially with what we monitor of the minutes recorded,” stressing that “the Middle East is in a difficult situation because of Washington’s policies and its great support for the Zionist entity.”

The “resistance factions in Iraq” expanded their attacks on bases that house US forces, both in Iraq and Syria, and according to the Pentagon, the number of attacks until November 6 amounted to more than 33 attacks.

The “resistance factions in Iraq” targeted Ain al-Assad base with drones a few hours after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken left Baghdad on November 5, despite the “warning messages” issued by Blinken during his visit to Baghdad and his meeting with Prime Minister Mohammed Shea al-Sudanese.

On November 8, 2023, a Pentagon official revealed that the US Department of Defense had launched an urgent investigation into an attack on the US embassy in the fortified Green Zone inside Baghdad, as well as an advanced base for US forces known as “Union 3.””