TNT – “Tidbits From TNT” Tuesday 3-12-2024


CandyKisses:  Al-Rafidain announces linking its branches at border crossings to the comprehensive banking system

Information/BaghdadRafidain Bank announced on Tuesday that its branches at border crossings are linked to the comprehensive banking system.

“In line with the requirements of implementing the government program and in compliance with the directives of Finance Minister Taif Sami in simplifying procedures and steps to move from paper to electronic transactions, and with direct follow-up by the Director General of Rafidain Bank, the banks announce linking its branches at the border crossings (Zarbatiya – Safwan – Arar – Trebil) to the comprehensive banking system, ” said a statement by the bank’s media office received by Al-Maalouma.

He added that “the importance of this step comes within a series of measures that the bank will take to support the objectives of the government program and the procedures of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Authority in automating customs work, facilitating the work of customs brokers and traders, adopting modern methods and systems, speed and transparency, and using advanced electronic programs in accordance with international standards in updating the work strategy at border crossings and maximizing the state’s non-oil resources.”

Tishwash:  Will American forces leave Iraq through negotiation?

 The head of the organizing body of the Belt and Road Popular Movement, Hussein Al-Karaawi, on Tuesday ruled out the exit of the American occupation from Iraq through the ongoing negotiations between Baghdad and Washington, to end the military presence of the forces of the so-called international coalition.

Al-Karaawi told Al-Maalouma, “Historical facts with the American side confirm that its military forces will not leave Iraq through peaceful and diplomatic means, as their exit from the country in 2011 was preceded by successive strikes and major jihadist work by the Islamic resistance factions to ensure their expulsion from the country.”

He added, “America seeks through many ways to remain militarily inside Iraq, despite the presence of ongoing negotiations between the federal government and the American side regarding military withdrawal from Iraqi territory.”

He stated that “Iraq has the ability and potential to protect and secure its lands and preserve them from any risks that may be exposed to them, and it also has the potential to secure the path to development and other economic projects without the need for the presence of any foreign military.” link


CandyKisses:  The logic of power imposes itself. America will not remove its forces from Iraq by peaceful means

Information / Baghdad…

The logic of force or resorting to the language of weapons is one of the very available options to remove the American occupier from Iraqi territory, as history imposes itself and recreates its events through what happened before 2011 of jihadist operations and painful blows by the Islamic resistance Against the American occupation and its bases spread in the country.

 These strikes prompted the US administration at the time to negotiate a withdrawal from Iraq, despite Washington’s many options that could constitute a pressure factor on the federal government to ensure the presence of its forces militarily on the ground of Iraq, but the popular rejection imposes itself and puts dots on the letters in order to get rid of the American occupier.

Hussein al-Karawi, head of the organizing body of the popular movement for the Belt and Road, told Al-Maalouma that “the historical facts with the American side confirm that its military forces will not leave Iraq by peaceful and diplomatic means.”

He added, “Their exit from the country in 2011 was preceded by successful strikes and major jihadist work by the Islamic resistance factions to ensure their expulsion from the country.”


CandyKisses:  JPMorgan on the US economy: recession still on the table

Economy News – Follow-up

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said he will not remove the possibility of a U.S. recession “off the table,” but the Fed must wait before cutting interest rates.

Damon said via video link at the Australian Business Review Summit in Sydney on Tuesday: “The world expects a smooth downturn, maybe 70-80 per cent.” I think the chance of a soft landing in the next year or two is half that. Worse is stagflation,” according to Bloomberg.

Dimon said economic indicators have been distorted by COVID-19, and he believes the Fed should wait for more clarity before cutting interest rates. They can always cut interest rates quickly and dramatically. Their credibility is a bit at stake here.” Unemployment in the United States is very low right now, and wages continue to rise.”

Damon said that while the U.S. economy is currently “booming,” the risk of a recession remains.

These comments strike a slightly less optimistic tone from the chief banker, who recently drew upbeat forecasts for global markets – a sharp departure from his views less than two years ago when central banks first began to tighten interest rates. Damon made headlines for warning in 2022 that a “hurricane” was about to hit the U.S. economy.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell indicated last week that the central bank is approaching the confidence it needs to start cutting interest rates.

“We are waiting to become more confident that inflation is moving sustainably at 2 percent,” Powell said Thursday while answering questions from the Senate Banking Committee.